Amsterdam: TOP 8 places you had no idea about!

Amsterdam, or Northern Venice, is a city of channels and bridges, elegant architecture and flowers. Perhaps, this is the brightest European capital, which combines ancient traditions and modern morals. There are many interesting places in Amsterdam, but firstly, you should visit the most unusual of them that cannot be easily found in travel guides. This is, probably, the best way to learn the country.


Hortus Botanicus
The botanical garden of Amsterdam is considered to be the biggest in Europe. It was founded in 1638 and contains about 6 000 sorts of plants and trees. Hortus Botanicus is famous of its greeneries, each of them has unique climate specific for growing plants. Thus, the climate of local tropics is wet, but you can see exotic lianas and impressive orchids. There is also a bridge, where you can admire fern and fruit trees.
The garden territory is huge – if you are tired from learning trees, go to the cafe and eat something tasty there.
Address: Plantage Middenlaan, 2a

The Pancake Bakery
The taste of Holland is a famous Amsterdam herring, croquettes and bitterballens. But it is difficult to understand Netherlandish cuisine until you try pannenkoeken. These are pancakes with various fillers – meat, cheese, fruits, chocolate and others. It looks like pizza.
The best pannenkoekens in Amsterdam you can try in The Pancake Bakery, not far from the museum of Anne Frank. The menu of this eating establishment has more than 75 sorts of national pancakes. The prices are available at that – 5,95EUR for a big portion.
Address: Prinsengracht 191, 1015 DS


A monument to woman’s breast
In the center of Amsterdam there is one more unusual city sight – a monument to woman’s breast. A bronze composition is made as full breasts holding by man’s hands. It is symbolizes Ying and Yang: the symbol of femininity and men’s power. Frankly speaking, tourists don’t like to learn much about this monument. The very fact of its unconventionality is enough for making pictures here.
There are many legends, connected to this monument. One of them says about young man and woman that were in love. Their happiness was not long – the war separated them. As the result of this, the young man became blind and his girl went to the streets because of poorness. Coming home, the man met his lady-love just on the street. That was a tragic, but beautiful final. This is, probably, the most romantic interpretation of the monument.
Address: Prostitutiegebied, in de buurt van de Oude Kerk


NEMO scientific center
Where does lightning come from? What do you now about earthquake nature? Children always have a lot of questions, but it is difficult to answer them. To bate your kids’ curiosity you should go to NEMO scientific center. This unique place is devoted to science and technologies. Its specific is in you can touch everything around. It is better for children to learn the world by their own experience.
The building of the center looks like a ship stern, built according to Renzo Piano project. There is a big viewing platform on the roof with a beautiful view to Amsterdam.
Address: Oosterdok, 2

Tattoos Museum
Tattoo Museum is rather new building in Amsterdam. It was founded by Henk Schiffmacher in 2011. Being a good tattoo master, Henk has been gathering tattoo samples for many years. As the result of this, the artists decided to found a museum.
This is a sight to behold! There are tattoo-machines, needles, pictures, and even tattoo samples – more than 40 000 exhibit items. To visit the museum you should pay about 10EUR. By the way, there is always a small thematic book store and cafe for having rest and express the emotions.
Address: Plantage Middenlaan 62 1018 DH


Diamond factory Coster Diamonds
Amsterdam is a city of flowers. This is a fact! You should know that Amsterdam is also a city of diamonds. Nevertheless, Netherlands capital has got few factories for diamonds carving. The oldest of them is called Coster Diamonds.
Have you ever heard about world-famous diamond Kohinoor? It was carefully carved here, in Amsterdam, in 1852. After that procedure that diamond changed its color into crystal white. You know,Kohinoor is not the only one prominent masterpiece that was created within the walls of Coster Diamonds. To learn more about it you should visit free excursion, which includes theoretical part and different master-classes – you’ll have a chance to try yourself in the capacity of a diamond cutter.
Address: Paulus Potterstraat, 2-6

Python Bridge
Officially, the bridge that connects Sporenburg Peninsula with Borneo Island is called Pythonbrug. It is big, red and curved, just like a snake. That is why all tourists call this bridge Python.
The foot trail was built in 2001. That project was organized and elaborated by West 8 Company, using nothing, but steel as the basic material. It is light, plastic, giving an opportunity to create unusual constructions. The length of the bridge is more than 100 meters. It is decorated with 2 000 lights, making it beautiful at night.
Address: Pythonbrug, 1019 Zeeburg


Sex Museum
Amsterdam is a city of tolerance. It is widely considered here that love needs to be eternized in a museum. Sex Мuseum, or simply saying Temple of Venus, was opened in 1985. The full collection of interesting exhibits was gathered for more than 30 years. Some of them are really unique. The museum is situated not far from the famous Amsterdam district – Red Light District.
All exhibit samples are situated on the front and back sides of the ancient building. It looks like а sex labyrinth. If you are more than 16, it would be interesting for you to visit this exhibition and take picture of extravagant exhibits. The ticket costs about 4EUR.
Address: Damrak, 18

Visiting Amsterdam, try to travel with comfort in order to have a good mood to the end of the day. Mass transport is represented with trams (16 routes), buses (30 routes), and subway (4 directions). Being here you will use mass transport for any reason. If you need more comfortable travelling conditions, you can easily use auto rental service. Usually, the offices of car rental companies are situated in the airport. Be attentive and remember that the center of the city is mostly attractive for walking, not driving.

Author Bio: Lily Berns tries to find the best and brightest things to do, while you travel in different cities of the world.

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