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Aquarium Supplies – The Essentials And The Non-Essentials!

When you want to set up your own home aquarium the prospect can initially seem fun and exciting. Then you start to research the aquarium supplies that you need to get started, and that’s where things can get more than a little overwhelming. 

It can easily seem like you are going to need so many supplies just to get started that there is little point in even trying. However, the problem is not in you needing a colossal amount of supplies but rather in companies trying to sell you countless products that you may not really need.


That is where we come in. We are going to give you an honest and concise guide to the aquarium supplies that you really need to get started and the ones that are not essential. For the best supplies online, we would recommend Turtle Creek as they are known for their superior quality and pricing. Ready to get started? Great, here we go!

The Essentials

Let’s begin by taking a look at the supplies that you will definitely need if you want to set up a happy home aquarium.

A Fish Tank

This may seem like an obvious one! However, there are people that think they can get started by using a container or jar for their fish, however, this will rarely produce good results. Fish that are not happily placed in a suitable fish tank can quickly die. Not what you want for your finances or for your fish for that matter”!

As well as committing to purchasing a fish tank you also need to buy one that is the right size. If you plan to add a significant amount of fish to the tank it is crucial that you do not compromise on size. When the tank is too small it can be very challenging to keep the temperature, the pH level, and the hardness at the ideal conditions. It is also challenging to install the equipment that you will need to keep the fish healthy.

A Filter

Fish that are in a tank are in captivity. This isn’t a bad thing if they are well cared for but it is a point to keep in mind when deciding on the aquarium supplies that you will purchase. No fish should be kept in captivity in a tank without a filter. They will not thrive and will very likely die. Filters are different from pumps. they are for biological filtration. If you do not have a filter in your tank, toxic ammonia will be released into the water due to fish waste as well as leftover fish food. This will most certainly harm your fish.

Sorry to sound a little harsh on this one but we just want to be certain our readers understand that whilst there are many aquarium supplies that the market push on people which are really not essential, a filter is not one of them. Invest in a suitable, quality filter and you will care well for your fish and be able to enjoy a beautiful home aquarium.

Water Conditioner

Most people use tap water for their aquarium which means they will definitely need an aquarium water conditioner. Tap water contains chlorine and chloramine, these compounds are not harmful to humans but they are dangerous for fish. A water conditioner will neutralize the compounds which means you can have peace of mind as you use your tap water to fill your aquarium.

Fish Food

Fish have special dietary requirements which you need to stick to. Never think that you can give your fish a little leftover food from your own diet such as rice or bread. It really is not going to do your fish any good in the long run. Commercial fish food is designed to provide the right level of protein and fat to keep your fish happy and healthy. Make sure that you carefully read the instructions on the packaging so that you do not underfeed or overfeed the fish, both of which are harmful.

Live Bacteria For New Aquariums

If you are setting up a new aquarium, ammonia is going to be produced quickly, and since the aquarium is not yet established it can build up very quickly and harm or kill your fish. Buying commercial live bacteria will help you provide good bacteria to get the environment started, once a few months passes there will be a good balance and the good bacteria will keep feeding on the ammonia.


A Heater

Most people who set up a home aquarium want to have tropical fish. This means that they will need water at a warm stable temperature if they are to thrive. An aquarium heater will ensure that the water stays at the right level and will automatically switch off when the target is reached.

A Pump

A pump allows for gas exchange between the atmosphere and the water. It means the fish will get enough oxygen. However, some filters are designed in such a way that you will not need to purchase a pump separately. Check this out first before you purchase both products.

The Non-Essentials

Now that we have covered the typical aquarium supplies that you will definitely need it is time to consider items that are non-essentials. It is not to say that your tank would not benefit from these items but simply that you do not need them to run a happy home aquarium.

– An aquarium stand

– An aquarium canopy

– Aquarium decorations

– Aquarium gravel

– An aquarium gravel vacuum.

The Bottom Line On Setting Up a Great Home Aquarium

A beautiful home aquarium that is thriving with healthy fish can be a wonderful addition to the home. Not only can it create a tranquil and relaxing vibe but it also is a beautiful talking point for guests when they call to visit Remember, there is no need to get overwhelmed by the endless amount of aquarium supplies on the market. Ultimately, the essential list is both realistic and possible. We hope that the guide we have provided has made your venture to create a home aquarium feel less overwhelming and more exciting!

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