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Essential Cleaning Supplies for a Professional Cleaner

Professional cleaners bring a wealth of experience to their work. That experience extends to their choice of cleaning supplies and equipment. Quality and essential everyday cleaning supplies are among the many things needed for starting a cleaning business. With the right cleaning products and supplies, you will work more efficiently and clean in less time. Quality products will go a long way saving you money in the long term. Whether it is cleaning the soiled and dirty carpet or stained tiles in the bathroom, scrubbing is not just the only solution, you must have effective cleaning supplies. Here are some of the essential cleaning supplies recommended by professional cleaners such as Advanced Cleaning Supplies.


Carpet Shampoo

Carpet shampoo is necessary for heavy soiled and dirty carpets. It is a very powerful low foaming detergent that penetrates to release dirt and grime from a carpet and other fabrics so less water is used. Professional carpet shampoo generally such as Chem Dry has a very high PH, so testing is recommended to ensure compatibility. The product provides outstanding results on badly stained upholstery, rugs, sofas, curtains, mattresses, and more. The cleaning solution can be used effectively for domestic and commercial cleaning projects. The quality carpet shampoos can be used with any type of extraction carpet cleaning machines. You can also use it as a spot treatment. Dilute the product as recommended on the packaging inside the cleaning machine. For best results use with warm water. Just spray and extract as you clean. The dilution can vary from job to job it depends on the level of soil and dirt of the material.

Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Sanitiser

Multi-purpose cleaning product is suitable for deep cleaning and maintaining domestic and commercial units. It is ideal and suitable for floors, glass, washing sinks, painted surfaces, kitchen units, porcelain surfaces, showers, furniture, and more. The superb multi-purpose product can be used as floor sanitiser and floor cleaner on Lino, Marmoleum, vinyl, and amtico floors. It will kill a wide range of bacteria and viruses and give a professional deep clean. It is an ideal office cleaning product. The cleaning solution can be used in a range of cleaning systems. Spray and wipe are the most popular using it with a dilution daily cleaning and heavy-duty cleaning. The cleaner can be added to the solution tank in your carpet cleaning machine as a deodorizer and disinfectant. It gives outstanding results even by just adding it to a bucket and using a mop for cleaning the floors.

White Vinegar

Another very effective cleaning product that is always available is white vinegar. It is highly effective and doesn’t have any harmful toxins like some of the commercial cleaners. It is a chemical free way of removing grime and dirt and is ideally used for domestic and commercial purposes. It is highly recommended to clean toilets, sinks, wood laminated floors, and carpets. White vinegar can help remove mineral deposits and water spots on kitchen and bathroom fixtures such as showerheads and taps. Soak a microfibre cloth or paper towel in the vinegar and let it sit for 5 minutes before wiping down the surface. This natural solution is ideal for banishing soap scum, clearing clogs, and sanitising surfaces.

Thick Bleach

Bleach is a highly toxic cleaning product and should only be used by professionals. Bleach will clean and disinfect any type of surface when it is applied. It is ideally suited on all types of walls, ceramic fittings, tiles, and more. It can be used diluted or straight depending on the type of cleaning that is required. Use it for descaling toilets. It will break up all the limescale build up and general toilet dirt. It is suitable for disinfecting mops and cleaning cloths. Bleach will provide great results when cleaning grout on tiles. It is not suitable for use on painted or varnished surfaces or metals. For heavy-duty cleaning the product should be diluted. For daily floor cleaning, add bleach and warm water together. If you are descaling and deep cleaning heavy build ups, leave the bleach on the area and allow to work. Always wear gloves when using bleach and have plenty of ventilation. It is a highly toxic cleaning product and much stronger than many other cleaning products.

Bathroom shine

Bathroom shine solution is a highly effective washroom and bathroom cleaner. It is suitable for daily maintenance jobs and deep bathroom cleaning. It is suitable to use on all types of bathroom tiles and fittings. It will help remove soap build ups, water marks from taps, urine, limescale, and more. When using this cleaning product on a regular basis it will help prevent the build ups of limescale deposits. Bathroom shine will give instant immediate results and will start breaking dirt and grime on contact. It can also be used as a bathroom floor cleaner with a mopping system. Always wear gloves when using this product. Do not mix with other detergents or chemicals. The product is highly concentrated, so it requires dilution.


Oven Cleaner

Oven cleaner is a highly effective and high active heavy duty residential and commercial oven cleaning detergent. The product will remove heavy duty build ups of grease, burnt on foods, fat, oils, carbon, and more. Oven cleaner is a ready to use product, so it doesn’t require dilution. It can be used on all types of domestic ovens, burners, and industrial cookers. Always pretest this product to ensure it is compatible with your oven. Do not mix this product with any other products to avoid reactions. Always remove trays before applying the detergent. Spray the oven walls, bottom, and ceiling with the cleaning detergent and allow it to work. Scrub and remove any waste as you work. Always wear gloves when cleaning. Do not use on stainless steel or aluminum surfaces. Achieve full satisfying results with oven deep cleaner.

Glass and stainless steel cleaner

Glass and stainless-steel cleaner are the ideal cleaning product for commercial and domestic glass. It is a concentrated low foam detergent. The product can be used for glass furniture, windows, painted surfaces, stainless steel, and porcelain surfaces. The product contains 80% alcohol so it will evaporate instantly once sprayed onto a surface. With the blend of different cleaning agents, it can break down grease, fat, enzymes, and other types of dirt. It is very safe to use on sensitive surfaces. The cleaner is generally used in a spray and wipe down system. It will leave the surface grease-free, streak-free, and spotless. It is best used on its own rather than diluting. By adding water to the solution, you will reduce its quick evaporating quality.

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