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Top 10 Cleaning Products to have in your Home Cleaning Kit

The key to a successful cleaning routine is a perfectly formed home cleaning kit. A great cleaning kit is organised, practical, easy to transport, and will contain all the essential cleaning products and equipment that you need for great cleaning results. With multipurpose cleaning products and versatile tools, you can make your housework that bit easier. An effective and simplified cleaning kit will help you clean your house from top to bottom in no time. The ideal kit will have all quality cleaning products will help you save time and help you achieve great results during both small and big jobs. You will always have everything at hand and once your products are running low there is so many on the market you can buy. Here is our guide to the top 10 cleaning products to have in your home cleaning kit.


1. The All-Purpose Cleaner

The all-purpose cleaning spray is designed for cleaning numerous jobs and it will save you money and time. The all-purpose cleaner can be used on many surfaces, so this makes it a very valuable product to have on hand in your home cleaning kit. You can go to every room in the home with the same product. They are great for use on kitchen countertops, bathrooms, sinks, toilets, showers, and much more. There are so many on the market to buy some are great for cleaning dirt, grime, and stains while others have anti-bacterial properties which are suitable for killing germs and bacteria on hard non-porous surfaces. The all-purpose cleaner is a de-greaser, disinfectant, and gentle general cleaner. Most all-purpose cleaners are safe to use on steel, marble, wood, plastic, and other surface types. They can save you time and help the environment with fillable spray bottles so there is less packaging. There are so many different brands available for all-purpose cleaning these include Cif, Dettol, Mr. Clean, Lysol, Elbow Grease, and much more.

2. Bleach 

Bleach is the original germ killer and a go-to cleaning product when that extra power of cleaning is required. You should not be without bleach in your cleaning kit at home. As it is highly abrasive it isn’t recommended to use it daily. Bleach is a highly effective product mainly used for cleaning toilets or baths. These areas are prone to germs. Bleach will kill any germs on these surfaces and is used by most professional contract cleaners. It is extremely useful for cleaning grout between tiles. For cleaning some hardware surfaces bleach should be diluted with water for safer cleaning.

3. Furniture Polish 

For many people using a form of polish on wood surfaces is standard for routine dusting and cleaning of furniture around the home. Furniture polish has dust repellent properties which makes them last longer after cleaning. The polish smells nice and brings up the wood furniture better than any other product. They add a shiny effect to even the dullest of wood and will also reduce water marks. Many of the wood polishes contain the ingredient beeswax which will protect your wood and prolong its beauty. There are many different types of wood polish these include an aerosol polish, semi-solid polish, and liquid polishes. Semi-solid polish would be the best type of polish to use on wood.

4. Multi-surface Anti-Bacterial Cleaner 

Very like the all-purpose cleaner, but a very effective product to have in your cleaning kit. It can be used on a multitude of surfaces and areas in the home. Anti-bacterial sprays kill 99% of common bacteria and germs, for a short period of time. Anti-bacterial cleaners are suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. Simply spray and wipe away all dirt and bacteria. It is an environmentally friendly and sustainable cleaning solution. Make your home clean and safe again.

5. Mirror and Glass cleaner

Mirrors and glass are easy to clean once you have the right products to hand in your home cleaning kit. Mirror and glass cleaning spray is a must in any home. Multi-purpose sprays on these surfaces will leave watermarks and streaks so they wouldn’t be suitable. For dirt and streak free mirrors and glass use the appropriate glass cleaner. The best glass cleaners will wipe away residue, smudges, and grime that block light and cloud reflections. Your home will be sparkling after a deep clean. Clean mirrors and glass around the home on a regular basis to keep them maintained.

Glass cleaner

6. Cleaning Cloths 

It is recommended to have a few cleaning cloths in your kit at home as there are various areas you might need to use a different cloth for cleaning. Microfibre cloths will clean most surfaces. Glass, mirrors, countertops, stainless steel appliances, televisions, and bathroom surfaces. Microfibre cloths remove dust and dirt by capturing it rather than moving it around as most cotton cloths do. There are many different cleaning cloths that can perform various cleaning activities around the home these include woven wipes, dusters, cloth mittens, floor cloths, glass cloths, polishing cloths, and dust sheets. Polishing cloths are ideal for cleaning silver and polishing brash items around the home.

7. Limescale Remover 

Limescale can be stubborn to remove especially in areas where there is hard water present like bathroom showers, sinks, bathtubs, and kitchen sinks. Modern limescale removing sprays are extremely effective and are a must to have in your home cleaning kit. Anything that comes in contact with water is at risk of limescale build up. The best way to prevent this is to use a high quality limescale remover. Limescale can damage appliances and even make them less energy efficient. There are some great limescale removal products on the market today some include Viakal, limey, Cif, Cilit Bang, Dettol limescale remover, and so much more.

8. Rubber Gloves 

Bleach, washing up liquid, and many other cleaning products can sometimes irritate and dry out your hands. Rubber gloves are a must for protecting your hands while you are cleaning. It protects from grime and dirt and harsh chemicals from the cleaning solutions. Your hands can be protected at all times while you clean safely and comfortably. Gloves will also help prevent harmful germs lodging under your fingernails. You can continue to scrub with little worry this will also speed up the cleaning process and leave your hands in perfect condition. Rubber gloves are available in different sizes suitable for everyone’s needs.

9. Duster 

When it comes to household cleaning, dusting is one of those duties that must be done on a weekly basis. Dust accumulates in houses from dead skin and carpets but with a handled feather duster or microfibre hand duster, you can keep the dust at bay. The most effective dusters are the synthetic material dusters. You do need to consider every area of the home so consider investing in an extendable duster. There are so many dusters to buy on the market today these include microfibre hand duster, window blind duster, feather duster, and a quick dusting mitt. Long handle dusters will allow you to reach above lights, curtains, and in ceiling corners to clean away any dust and cobwebs.

10. Multi surface Floor cleaner 

Whether you have tiles or solid wood flooring in your home, it is important to maintain and regularly deep clean your floors to keep them in their best condition. Your floor surfaces can get dirty from walking around in the home, dirty floors and spills need to be cleaned straight away. When it comes to a deeper clean, it is important to ensure you are using the appropriate solution that is effective and safe. You should avoid harsh chemical cleaners such as chlorine bleach and ammonia that could affect the finish of the surface. There are so many multi-surface floor cleaners available to buy online these include quick shine multi-surface floor cleaner, hardwood floor cleaner, ceramic tile floor cleaner, stonework’s wood and laminate floor cleaner, and many more.

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