A Few Unusual Pro Car Cleaning Tips


Car cleaning happens to be one of the most favourite weekend hobbies of most people around the world. However, even though there are so many people who clean their own cars there are few who really know how to do a job worthy of a so called “pro label”. Thankfully pros are willing to share their secrets with weekend cleaners, and below are what they highly recommend.

Need shine? Try hair conditioner

If you’ve finding it difficult to get your car to shine try using hair conditioner which contains lanolin. One wash with conditioner and you’ll instantly become a believer of what this rather unusual hair conditioner can achieve. The perfect shine also comes accompanied by the fact that your car’s surface will become a stain repellant and repel rain too.

Fizz your windshields with cola

If you live in one of those parts of the world where it rains after a pretty long dry spell then you know that it can turn your windshield into a proverbial mess. Regular water can only do so much to remove the stains and streaks. This is why it’s time to use some clean cola. Stretch a long towel or a few along the bottom of your windshield in order to protect the paint .Then pour a glass of cola over the windscreen, leave it for two minutes and clean with water.


There is a time for Vodka

When the reservoirs of your windscreen washer has to be filled it’s time to raid your liquor cabinet in order to make a cleaning fluid of your own. Put three cups of Vodka, the cheaper it is the better, and mix it with four coups of water and a teaspoon of liquid dish washing fluid. Mix all of this in a gallon jug and shake well. Then pour this fluid into the reservoir.

A tip for shining car lights

Some window cleaner coupled with rubbing vigorously is all you need to keep headlights polished. Use an old panty hose to rub down the lights.

Clean the blades

If the windshield’s wiper blades are dirty they will end up streaking the glass instead of cleaning the glass and ensuring that they are clear. Make a solution consisting of ¼ cup of ammonia and 1 quart of water. Lift the blades and then wipe both sides of them using a soft cloth which has been soaked in the above mentioned solution. Then wipe them with a dry cloth prior to putting them back in place.

A handy car cleaning solution

Just pour ¼ cup of regular baking soda into a gallon jug, and add ¼ cup of regular dish washing liquid, then fill up with water to the top. Screw the cap on and then shake well. Store this for later use. When you need to wash your car just shake the jug and then just pour 1 cup of this cleaner into a 2 gallon bucket. Fill the bucket with warm water, then stir in order to mix and you can now wash your car.

Getting rid of back road dirt

There are many rural areas also known as oil roads, these are sprayed with oil in order to control the dust and sand from blowing. If you drive along these roads you will certainly notice your windscreen covered with an oily grime. In order to cut through this dirt just sprinkle some cream of tartar on the windshield, then wipe the glass with some soapy water, make sure to rise with clean water and then dry.

A no-wash car cleaning solution

Just add 1 cup of kerosene into a 3 gallon large pail which is filled with water. Then use a sponge soaked in this solution to clean your car. Once you are done you don’t have to spray the car or rinse or even wax it. Plus the next time you get stuck in the rain you will see the water just bead up and roll off which lowers the likely hood of rusting.

Don’t wash when it’s too hot

Never wash your car when it’s too hot outside and especially not after you’ve driven it for a while. Because according to Supreme Mobile Car Detailing and car cleaning services like if you do, it will result in soapy splotches as well as white looking deposits.

Mark has been in the car cleaning and detailing industry for over two decades. He has detailed and cleaned cars for car shows and for display at showrooms around Australia. He is one of the leading experts on maintain cars and regular cleaning. However, he does not shy away from sharing his opinions and tips on cleaning cars via his blog.

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