Be Forearmed with Travel Insurance When You Travel

We work for a decent living. First and foremost the physiological needs – food, clothing and shelter. Once these needs are met, we turn to recreation. Recreation can be as small as going out to watch a movie or going abroad to see new places.

Traveling is said to improve our understanding of the world we live in. It makes us understand how our fellow inhabitants of Earth go about living their lives. It makes us realize how small the issues we crib about are when compared to troubles faced by the less privileged. Not only is traveling recreation, it is the ultimate teacher of life.

We travel for many reasons, to see places, on business, to attend a function, to witness an event, or on diplomatic missions. It involves moving from one place to another and spending some days in the destination. You are removed from the safer confines of your home. At each point in travel, there are possibilities of something going wrong. Seldom may such inconveniences happen, when they happen, they may lead to a lot of troubles. Remember, problems in life strike us when we least expect them. It is better not only to be forewarned, but also to be forearmed.


Travel insurance takes a lot of worries out of travel. Like any insurance cover, travel insurance provides for unforeseen, unpleasant events, so that the tour you have taken for pleasure doesn’t leave you poorer. With years of experience, travel insurance companies provide cover for such happenings that are likely to happen and should they actually happen, the insured is financially covered.

Our health is of utmost importance of everything else. Almost all travel insurance policies provide adequate cover for medical emergencies, from hospitalization costs to medicines. While they don’t cover pre-existing medical conditions, most of the unforeseen medical emergencies are covered.

Changes to ones travel itinerary that are forced upon one, may be because of adverse weather conditions, unrest, or any extraneous factors, can be quite inconvenient. Should your itinerary be disturbed because of any such events, travel insurance ensures you are compensated for it. Lost or stolen baggage on a tour, particularly if you are carrying something valuable such as jewellery, will make you wish you had never taken that journey. If you have purchased a policy that adequately covers the value of items in your baggage, it will leave you with that peace of mind that is so important when you are traveling. Sometimes even a delayed baggage might force you to buy emergency items you are carrying in your bag, and travel insurance comes to your help.

There may be instances when regular travel insurance may not address your specific need, which you might have to separately purchase, such as traveling to high-risk countries, traveling to indulge in sports that have some elements of risk such as scuba diving or skiing, when you have some pre-existing condition which you want to be covered, etc. Though you may have to spend a little extra compared to regular travel insurance, the knowledge that if anything goes wrong, you are not left to fend for yourself, is reassuring.

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