7 Reasons Why You Should Travel With Your Best Friend

Quarantine has got all the travelers feeling bored and stranded. It’s been a few months since the COVID-19 pandemic has put a full stop to all travel plans. Unless a vaccine comes out, the plans for your next trip are dull. But don’t let that discourage you from planning your adventures. Or, it’s even more exciting if you could design your dream trip with a great travel companion. A suitable travel companion would be someone that knows you best. It should be someone that will be supportive and would make your trip memorable.

No one knows you as your best friend does. They would make fantastic travel companions for sure. Let’s talk about why your next post lockdown trip should be with your closest buddy.


1. Your Best Friend Knows You The Best: What better companion to travel with than someone who’s been with you through thick and thin? There are reasons why you’ve become best friends with someone. As you grow up, friends come and go, but only the closest ones stay. They know you better than the others do.

The chances are that they know about most of your preferences when someone has stuck by for long from your likes, dislikes, interests, personality, and even things like allergies. When you travel with a companion you are comfortable with, it makes planning trips more accessible. There won’t be anyone stopping you from taking pictures in ridiculous poses. You’ll get along well without worrying about judging each other. Therefore, it’s easier to map out what activities, food, and destinations would work out for you.

2. Discovering new things about each other: There’s something different about having sleepovers than going on a weekend trip with your friend. When you travel, dine and even sleep together, you discover new things about your friends. They could have a little habit you didn’t know about, or they might prefer having their food a specific way. It’s these small things you notice that help you feel closer than before. If you’re trying to catch up with a friend you’ve distanced with, planning a trip with them might be the perfect lifesaver.

The point is, life can get hectic, and if you get a chance to go on a trip with your loved ones, grab it. These memories are what will stay after everything’s gone.

3. They can pull you out of tricky situations: Traveling solo is great, but there are times when you need help. There are more natural ways to go about it if you aren’t the self-efficient type and enjoy the company. The best alternative has a friend by your side to help you throughout your journey.

Be it changing car tires, or covering expenses when you forgot your wallet at the hotel, it’s good to have an extra helping hand. Choose your travel partners wisely; they should be willing to help cover for any unexpected travel mishap. Friends that are supportive or great at getting things done can make trips more accessible and relatively stress-free. And, if you are planning on going on a road trip with your buddies. Consider installing a roof rack to your car for extra storage.

4. They can help you save money: Money is the backbone of travel. This means that it’s directly responsible for how long a trip will last. Thankfully, having a companion with you can help you extend your stay. Even your financial responsibility will be shared. Other than that, friends will also make sure you stick to your budget.

It’s cheaper to travel in groups as the funds are equally divided between everyone. Since all the expenses are divided, you won’t have to pay for the guide or the paid museum tour. Other than that, sharing rooms and transport can save you some extra bucks. You can use these little savings to extend your stay.

5. They will be a voice of reason along the way: Adrenaline can prompt you to engage in risky adventures. Sometimes going with the flow could end up being troublesome. Imagine yourself on the edge of a cliff, ready to jump in the ocean. Only your friend will pull you back on track and tell you not to jump. Traveling with people that know you and your weakness is beneficial. It will save you from any unnecessary risks. If you ever get carried away too far in pursuit of adventure, your companion will be the much-needed voice of reason.

They can remind you of the risks and the practicality of your far-fetched plans. It’s good to be careful and logical while traveling.

6. You can enjoy group activities: Some activities like rafting, trekking or camping are better when you have company. Usually, you would pair up with strangers if you want to participate in group activities. You’ll be saved from single-mindedness since opinions will be addressed through more people. After a pool of ideas is gathered, you can pick the most efficient one. Group activities are more enjoyable if they are with your best friends. The excitement doubles itself.

Enjoying with friends

7. Traveling with friends will create unforgettable memories: Memory is more valuable when you have someone to share with. That way you can reminisce and joke about it along with your friends. The adventure begins the moment you leave your house. When you’re traveling with someone, you can share the excitement throughout the way. Going with your best friend will open up doors to experiences you can laugh about as you grow older. After all, it’s the memories that remain alive.

The best of friends make fantastic travel companions. Even if things don’t go your way, everything’s bearable when you have a good company. Things could turn out different from your expectations. But, as long as you have a shoulder beside yours, you can make the mishap memorable. Once you settle down and get busy with family duties, it’s these memories that will keep your friends together.

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