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Believe It or Not, Professional Photo Editing Leverages Your Real Estate Property Business

When asked about the real deal-makers in the real-estate business, most realtors (veteran and new-comers, alike) unanimously voted for quality of images of real estate property.  A large number of them strongly feel that since ‘first impression is everything’; only high-definition and clear images, stand out in the visual marketing. And this apparently fetches them profit, leveraging their business.  In fact, realtors have several interesting stories on how image editing and retouching or photo editing, helps them to have high-quality photos for visual marketing collaterals that stand out.

In fact, several realtors are partnering with, professional image editing and retouching services, to create unique and eye-catching presentations to showcase their real estate property and attract more (potential) buyers. And why talk about real estate sector only, today Ecommerce & Online Retailers, Digital Agencies, Professional Photographers and even Photo Studios rely on professional photo editing services to retouch photos, and gain that competitive advantage.


Can photo editing really boost your real estate property business?

Professional photo editors, combine their skills and a slew of photo editing tools to lighten/darken the shadows. Moreover, they fine-tune the tones; balance the noises or quickly fixe issues like photobombing or unwanted objects.

Easy editing for your property photos

  • Dodge and Burn – Shadows play a very important role to highlight the structural properties of a house/property. However, sometimes; the shadows are dim, apparently failing to create required impact on the buyers. Here; dodge tool becomes the rescuer, as using this tool image editors can selectively target tones within specified range (light, midst, or dark) to brighten it up accordingly. Moreover; burn tool is used as a reversal for dodge. It dims the targeted tones, instead of heavy lighting in the original
  • Levels – At various instances, bad lighting results into darker/lighter tones of images. Needless to say, it leaves a very bad impression on the potential buyers’ decision. Photo editors use Level tool, to make the whole photo to look a little lighter (or darker).

Quick-fixes for annoying and common real estate image issues?

Many real estate developers face this situation at least once, where they hire a professional photographer to capture high definition pictures of their real estate property. That’s absolutely perfect; except for that watering hose which is visible or an unsightly trash bin has been captured into the frame. But now, with time-crunches, going all over again for another photo-shoot for the same property is not feasible idea.

But, professional photo editing service providers have a solution for this too. They apply the tool ‘clone’ to copy the pixels from a particular spot in the image and clone another area, where the unwanted objects are visible.  It is the most used and preferred tool used by photo editing companies to get rid of any distracting objects in the property images; whether it is lawn accessories, or the ugly wall art, or stray animal sneaking their way into the frame.

Creating inventive marketing materials

In saturated markets, capturing alluring visuals helps realtor to connect better with customers and for that, they hire professional photographers. Irrespective of the photographer’s skills, photos, at times are not perfect or as per the requirements of the cause. They fail to stand out with marketing and in severe need of photo enhancement.

Moreover, in this age of social media, there are Omni channel ways to reach out to existing/past or prospective clients. And for this, you need to have relevant, informative, and entertaining communiques. Each of the communiques requires images in different resolutions to fit in the content.

  • Postcards – Postcards provide enough detail to highlight the achievements without overwhelming a reader. It has a basic design; just an image and a colored text box. For this, one needs a raster-based image, where pixels remain unaffected, while the picture of houses for selling/buying is resized to higher resolution.
  • Social posts – With special filters, professional photo editors can create tailored graphics and images. Using these images, you can make your Facebook or Twitter presence – stronger.

Professional headshots, every real estate expert will actually love

Professional photos are mostly the most dreaded thing. A professional headshot often provides the customer with an insight into who you are. But many realtors feel that it is not perfect, and often refer to it as a canned photograph in some conference room. But with the magic of image editing and retouching, photo editors remove distracting blemishes and spot, eliminate the under-eye shadows, and smoothen fly-by hairs. Moreover, they also help you get better backgrounds using textures, and can re-create the headshot with a fresh and more interesting background.


It is said that property buyers spend around 60% of their time seeing the image, while just 20% of their attention goes on reading the property description. These statistics clearly indicate that clear and high-quality real estate images are deemed to be important for listing information. Partnering with professional image editors certainly helps you to achieve those perfect images and thus; attract more prospective buyers, further leveraging your business.

Author Bio:

Ritesh Sanghani is a Director at Hi-Tech BPO and a passionate writer with the experience of 15+ years of in BPO industry.


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