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Selling Real Estate in a Post Pandemic World

There is no question 2020 has been a challenging year for many businesses. This pandemic is something very few had planned for much less dreamed would ever happen. Keeping up with the ever changing regulations and public sentiment of the virus has become a full time job for the small business owner. To make matters worse, this whole issue which should be about public safety has become increasing political. If you take too strong of a stance either way you risk isolating some of your customer base and potentially losing them forever.


Even as vaccines are currently rolling out, the potential for localized flare ups or yearly mutations of the virus remain largely unknown. In fact, this could be something we may have to endure, hopefully on a much smaller scale, for years to come. So how do we modify our business strategy to accommodate for the present dilemma without losing our much needed clientele? This is a question many businesses are struggling with.

Real estate offices and agents are no different. While many Realtors have benefited from the record low interest rates brought on by the pandemic, this influx of buyers will not last forever. Real estate agents should forward thinkers focusing on long term business goals. Potential buyers and sellers are likely to remember how we conducted ourselves during these challenging times.

Some agents have changed their daily routine very little. They still drive clients around in their vehicle to show property, and some do not even require buyers to wear a mask when entering someone else’s home. There are also agents who require their prospective clients to jump through endless hoops in order to business with them. Perhaps they live in an area where most people lean to one side versus the other.

For most real estate agents, going to the extreme is probably a poor business decision. We need clients from both sides. Even you do not need the business per say, you still should not make it a habit of turning away future business or referrals. Perhaps the way forward is the one of least resistance. Maybe what we should be doing as real estate agents is listening. Everyone is going to have their own opinions anyway, and we probably not going to change that. But what we can do is listen, empathize, and try to stay as neutral as possible.


This is not to say you should not take proper precautions and/or require your clients to as well. However, at some point you are likely to encounter some who do not agree with precautions you advise. When this happens, you might not want to simply lay down the law so to speak. Perhaps you could serve your future interest better by first simply listening. Then you can explain why you are taking certain steps to not only keep them safe but also to keep your other customers safe as well.

You are simply doing your best to keep everyone happy and safe. You might not able to accommodate their views if it goes against the wishes of others. It is really not something that is your hands. You are only doing what can within the perimeters of your position. Maybe this seems like it is passing the buck to some degree, but hopefully it might help you still be able to work with clients who may see things a little differently than you.

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