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bedroom makeover tips

5 Bedroom Makeover Tips To Make Your Kids Go Wild!

Kids thrive on the infinite wonders of imagination. They crave fairy tales, epic adventures, explosive battles, heroes and villains facing off, beautiful imagery and a total lack of creative boundaries. Their worldviews are painted with Technicolor possibility, so don’t let that marvel crumble and die when they enter their bedrooms.Check […]

Historically Absurd Movies

3 Historically Absurd Movies

Whenever the words, “based on a true story” is flashed in a movie, across the screen, viewers immediately pay attention to what is being revealed in the scenes to follow. Historical moments are a screen writer’s delight; specific events or noteworthy people who catch the fancy of a scriptwriter’s imagination […]

Jobs in Tinseltown

4 Top Paying Jobs In Tinseltown

Like all of us who follow the tabloids, we are of the opinion that everyone who works in Hollywood is swimming in money. This explains the large numbers of people who turn up every day at the doors of production houses to either become an actor or get into the […]

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Memorable Movies of Philip Seymour Hoffman

  The tragic demise of Philip Seymour Hoffman has cast a pall of gloom in the entire film industry in Hollywood. This brilliant yet understated actor was considered to be one of the finest in his generation, by many leading critics and film houses. In an unparalleled movie career, Philips […]