5 Bedroom Makeover Tips To Make Your Kids Go Wild!

bedroom makeover tipsKids thrive on the infinite wonders of imagination. They crave fairy tales, epic adventures, explosive battles, heroes and villains facing off, beautiful imagery and a total lack of creative boundaries. Their worldviews are painted with Technicolor possibility, so don’t let that marvel crumble and die when they enter their bedrooms.Check out these simple and fun kids’ bedroom makeover tips that are certain to keep your children in perpetual imaginative delight.

Pick a Theme

When gone unchecked, a kid’s bedroom turns into a haphazard mess and collection of unrelated stuff. Without some basic coherency, creative opportunity is lost. When designing your child’s bedroom, pick a theme and commit.Does she like sports? Consider buying sports themed bedding or New York Yankee bedding. Does he like music? Purchase musical note decals and sheet music. Does she like nature? Wrangle up some green paint and stuffed animals.A themed room is certain to place your child square in the middle of their favorite movie or universe.

Wall-to-Wall Design

The most prominent visual palette for any bedroom are the walls. Think of them as easels for your creative brilliance.The basic first step is choosing a wall color. Consult with your child and make your choice carefully; for this paint is likely to adorn his or her walls for years to come. Think outside the box and consider refraining from a generic blue or pink; the point of this project is originality.

Also check out wall-safe decals. They can decorate an entire wall or enliven it with accents. Glow-in-the-dark space decals will take your kids out of this world.

Stylish Studying

For many kids, homework is a total chore and total bore. Take the bedroom makeover as an opportunity to makeover that opinion.Create a study space. All you need is a desk, chair, desk lamp and a writing utensil container. Match the ensemble with the colors and theme of the room but don’t make it too distracting. Keeping it simple but stylish aids focus.As a finishing touch, display your kid’s successful assignments on the wall or clothesline above the desk, reminding them of your pride as they work.

Storage Wars

Without constant inspection and the right supplies, a kid’s bedroom could easily turn into a federally declared disaster zone. Proper storage will avert this crisis.

Don’t risk breaking the stylish continuity of your child’s room; purchase fashionable and effective storage containers. These include:

  • Hanging nets for stuffed animals
  • Boxes or trays that fit under the bed
  • Benches or chairs that double as storage containers
  • Whimsical over-the-door coat hangers
  • Toy racks
  • Bookshelves

Make a few of these purchases and ensure a better and more organized relationship with your child.

Team Effort

Make this a fun, inclusive experience for your child. Involve him or her at all stages of the planning process, and let the creative whimsy fly.As designing architect, permit your plucky assistant to go wild with arts and crafts. Join in yourself! Nothing promotes a bonding experience better than construction paper, macaroni noodles, and scented markers. Doing so blesses the room with good will, memories, and probably a little too much glitter.

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