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Enhance Your Bedroom Decor with a Few Essential Things

Your bedroom is your romantic getaway, your personal sanctuary. So you must take utmost care while decorating your bedroom. Some simple tweaks here and there would leave your bedroom looking so nice and dreamy that you wouldn’t like to fall asleep.


Do Not Leave Out a Comfortable Rug

Your bedroom should exude warmth. It is your peace haven and you must feel really relaxed and comfortable in your bedroom. Nothing could ruin your wonderful morning like getting out of bed and stepping right onto the hard, cold floor. Always place a nice cushy rug in vibrant colors and outstanding designs, in your bedroom just next to your bed. Begin your morning on a wonderful note. Begin your day by stepping onto a comfortable and cushy rug. A rug in unique designs would also, enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom.

Bedroom Décor Should Follow a Theme

Usually, all kids would love to beautify their bedrooms according to some decorative theme. But adults often shy away from decorating their homes according to a particular décor theme. Remember that a theme could really be a powerful unifying tool. For instance, you could decorate your bedroom by using stripes as a theme. You could use striped bedcovers and striped pillow covers or striped table cloth etc. Stripes would be used all over for creating a streamlined and a funky touch. You could browse through the latest guide on beds to get an idea about which bed would be suitable for your bedroom.

Pillows and More Pillows

Pillows are essential to make your bed look inviting and cozy. There should be a number of soft pillows with eye-catching covers that should entice you to jump into the comfort of the absolutely sumptuous bed. However, do not go overboard. Keep the pillows limited in number so that you do not end up wasting 10 minutes of your precious time in excavating the pillows before finally, getting into the warm comfort of your bed. Use between a minimum of two to around six pillows as per the bed’s size.

Things You Love

Your bedroom should be decorated with things you love and enjoy using. Include things that make you smile only then your bedroom would look just right for you. This is a fantastic opportunity to incorporate curios and knickknacks that you have accumulated over the years and do not really know where to place them or what to do with them. Place them in such a manner that they are visible when you wake up in the morning. Then they would be able to fulfill their true purpose of making you feel really happy and satisfied.

Nicely-Stocked Nightstands

Every bedroom should have a nightstand containing all the necessities. This enhances the overall aesthetic ambiance of your bedroom. Enhancing the beauty is not the prime reason why you should have a well-stocked nightstand. The combination of a colorful flower or a lush green plant, a jug of water, a fabulous book and a reading lamp essentially make up a kit ideal for interrupted, pre and post sleep comfort.


Your bedroom is incomplete without a wonderful mattress. You need to get fulfilling sleep to admire a beautiful room. You should choose a high-quality mattress that keeps you warm and cozy and is best for giving you the necessary lumbar support. Home décor experts suggest buying a mattress that not only complements your headboard and the bed frame but one based on foundation-height. It implies that your mattress should be as per the height of the window sills and the night tables in your bedroom. If you wish to learn about the most suitable bed for you browse through examiner’s hint bed guide.

Soothing Photographs

A bedroom seems to be lacking in charm if there are no pictures to highlight the beauty of the room. However, it is advisable to desist from using family photographs. Instead, use calming and elegant pictures that soothe your senses and help you fall asleep. Family pictures would be constantly reminding you of certain people when you are trying to sleep. These pictures may keep you awake at night. So drop the idea of using family pictures in the bedroom.

Author Bio: Andrew Thompson is an interior designer and home decor expert. He has recently started a dedicated indoor and outdoor design firm with his brother and also runs a blog where he writes about great design and aesthetics tips.  

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