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5 Tips for Romantic Bedroom Decoration


When you have just got married, it is time to modify your bedroom decor. Your wife should get impressed seeing your modern taste and attention to detail as soon as she enters the bedroom. The days of an unkempt bed are gone forever! A good bedroom decoration is not just about style and elegance; it should also radiate a feeling of romance and love.

Here are 5 tips for a romantic bedroom decoration.

1. Express yourself

You may have a lot of money, but buying only the new furniture items and a few wall paintings won’t express your love. Instead, you should use items that express who you are so that your spouse can connect with you emotionally. Whether it is the color of the bed sheet or the special painting that is in your family for generations, objects that add a character to your bedroom are essential.

2. Get rid of computers and TV

Due to our hectic lifestyle we often carry the laptop, iPad, and other gadgets with us even when we go to bed, but unless you want to disappoint your partner, you must not use any electronic gadget in the bedroom. It is the place where you must spend some personal time with your beloved. If you want to make things romantic, you may install a few speakers on the wall so that you can play soft and soothing music to usher a peaceful sleep.

3. Find a good bed and mattress

bedYou need to invest as much as possible in a solid and large bed that can accommodate both of you comfortably. Discuss with your partner about her sleeping habits and if she has any issues such as back pain or neck pain. Based on both your preferences, you should buy a mattress, pillows, and bed sheets that will not only look good but also provide your body ample support for a serene sleep. If you like memory foam mattress then go through best memory foam mattress 2017 list for a perfect selection within your budget.

4. Lighting is the key

There should be three points of light in the bedroom. Two reading lamps at either side of the bed, and a third source of light just opposite the bed. Use LED lighting as it looks soft, but provides ample brightness to keep the room shadow-free. Don’t use excessive bright lights because it hampers sleep. Low, indirect light is ideal for setting a romantic mood.

5. Use warm colors, but not too warm

Some people prefer only white bed sheets and even they paint the walls of the bedroom using white or gray shades, but since you are a newlywed couple, it is essential to have some bright colors in your bedroom.  You should neither use white, nor red bed or pillow covers; instead, try to aim at the middle of the color spectrum. Lavender, green, and rose are some of the ideal bed sheet colors to make the bed look romantic and eye soothing.


A married couple’s bedroom should be comfortable and reflect their personal choices. It does not need to look like a hotel room where everything looks fantastic, but you can’t guess the personality of the people staying there! Follow the suggestions mentioned here to enjoy a happy married life.

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