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Mistakes You Must Avoid When Buying a New Mattress

Buying a new mattress is not an everyday affair, so people tend to make many mistakes while attempting a mattress purchase. They tend to undervalue the various essential aspects and end up with a product which may leave them dissatisfied and also some adverse health difficulties over time. When you see people spending more time researching on mattresses before buying one, it make sense as buying an ideal mattress for your personal need should take a fair amount of time.


In this short excerpt, we will discuss some significant mistakes people tend to make while purchasing mattresses. Knowing these will help you to have a close eye on these and take a better purchasing decision.

Common mistakes made on buying mattress

  1. Not assessing the sleep type – All do sleep, but you need to know that each one sleeps differently. This is one thing you need to assess as well as get feedback from others to be shared with the mattress salesperson to give you appropriate suggestions. A sleep consultant also may be an ideal mentor for you to choose an appropriate bedding. Your weight also matters while choosing the firmness of the mattress. Advanced type mattresses are now available which can recognize the position of the sleeper and adjust accordingly.
  1. Not trying to learn about the mattress specs – As we discussed above, you need to spend a fair amount of time and need to be fully knowledgeable about various mattress materials, size specifications, reviews, drawbacks of each, and warranty details, etc. before making a purchasing a decision. When at a shop, you may be getting “bullied” into a random product they promote without getting a second opinion. This must be avoided, and you should take enough time and consideration to go through Real Mattress Reviews, other use feedback, and your optimum comfort level to come up with the best decision.


  1. Not testing the bedding – you may tend just to lay down flat to test it. However, the majority of us may be sleeping on our side. So, one should take a few minutes to test a mattress in all possible sleeping positions to see whether it offers you satisfaction. If you need a pillow, ask for it and if you are used to using two, go for it and take your time to test and take a decision.
  1. Making impulse decision – You may be under pressure at a retail showroom to make your purchasing decision and close the sales, but need to overcome it to avoid making any impulse decision. You may be tempted to see one of the cheapest pricing to buy it instantly or the one which is tightly promoted by the salesperson. Avoid this, and as discussed above, take your time to try out each one and also visiting multiple showrooms if needed to end up with the most comfortable choice.

Above all these, try to learn the warranty terms and service support by the seller or manufacturer to identify if it will be safe overtime to purchase the one you consider. Many of the sellers may be putting forth seasonal offers also on their best models, which may be an ideal time for considering changing your old mattress.

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