Mistakes to Avoid While Creating Pitch Deck

In order to raise funds from investors, entrepreneurs create a collection of PowerPoint slides called pitch deck. The quality of your pitch deck is important to secure funding for your business. As your investor will learn about your product for the first time with your pitch deck, your investor pitch should be more than just a pretty presentation deck.

A good pitch deck is an invaluable tool to secure investments for your business. To win the hearts and minds of your investors, your pitch should tell a clear good story and convince them that your product is worth the investment.


Pitch deck mistakes to avoid:

Boring cover slide and outdated design

It is important not to overlook the cover slide of your presentation deck. It should have bold colors and imagery along with your logo to establish your brand presence. A boring cover slide can fail to impress your investors.

Avoid using outdated designs for your pitch decks as investors are looking for new, innovative ideas and designs. Incorporate modern design elements and captivating graphics to your presentation decks.

Avoid heavy text and lots of information – Less is more

Adding too much information will bore your busy investors as it is time consuming. By listing the benefits of your product instead of features, you will be clear in your message to your investors. Investors will want to know what value you create for your customer.

Keep your slides simple and convey only one message in each slide. Do not use paragraphs in your slides. You can use compelling visual graphics and symbols in order to create a lasting impact on your audience. Replace words with graphics to create a better impression.

Poor pitch deck design

Poorly designed business decks can ruin your chances to impress your investors. Even the strong and best business ideas will be overshadowed by badly designed slides. You can seek professional help or dedicate a lot of time to create best pitch deck design and each slide to make it impressive. Customize your color scheme to match your branding.

Deck is too long

To captivate the interest of your audience, keep your slides to 10-15 only. Too long slides can bore your investors.

Disorganized content

Delivering your information in a disorganized manner can confuse your audience. Slides in the pitch deck should be arranged in order for best results. Your content should be brief and clear or it can badly damage your chances to gain a good impression from your investors. Avoid every element that does not serve the purpose like unwanted sound effects, unnecessary animation or embedded multimedia. Keep it uncluttered.

Not doing a demo

One of the common mistakes is not doing a demo of your product. Businesses should incorporate a product demonstration in their Pitch decks to ascertain how the product works and whether it is a good ROI. A short video content is powerful and useful for making decisions about the product.

Telling that you don`t have competition

Generally, there will be competition, direct or indirect. It will show lack of research and depth of knowledge about your product or specific market, if you claim that there is no competition to your investors.

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