5 Tips for Great Business Invoice Template Designs

A business invoice is vital for every company. These invoices help companies receive payments from clients. Without a business invoice, receiving payments from clients becomes tedious.

Wondering how to create an invoice? You can use a business invoice template as the rubric. These pre-built templates make it easy to add your company’s information.

Follow these tips to design a great business invoice template.


1. Start With a Free Invoice Template

The starting point for excellent invoice design is a quality business invoice template. Browse through several templates before choosing the one you’ll use for your business. You’ll likely use the same business invoice template for years.

You can create invoice templates on Adobe. You can find pre-built templates to act as your foundation.

2. Incorporate Your Branding

After you find a suitable business invoice template, make it yours. Placing your branding at the top of the invoice lets clients know who is contacting them.

Your clients read dozens of emails each day. They don’t have enough time to guess who sent the invoice. Without branding, clients may believe your invoice is spam.

3. Don’t Put Too Much Text on Your Invoice

Invoices are simple in nature. Adding too much text will confuse your potential clients.

Provide a grid so clients can see every line item. You can also use bold font and different colored font to make important details stand out.

A description of the paid product or service reminds clients why they will pay you. Some may forget, especially if you’ve been chasing them for a few weeks.

Make it easy for clients to identify how to pay you. Prominently highlight payments and deadlines. Include an address, PayPal email, or another payment method.

You can space out this information, so it’s not clustered together. Many business invoice templates let you space out this information.

4. Highlight the Payment Terms

Let clients know about late payment fees, recurring payments, and other details. Highlighting the payment terms helps clear up any confusion.

You can add details about how you arrived at the final price for your product or service.

5. Close It Out With a Thank You Note

It’s courteous to include a “Thank You” note at the end of your invoice. You can express your gratitude to each client.

Their payments support your business and employees. Why not thank them?

You can use the Thank You note to remind them of payment due dates and other factors. The Thank You note should appear at the bottom of your invoice. It should not take up more than three lines.

It’s Time to Create the Perfect Business Invoice Template

A business invoice lets you define terms and receive payment from clients. Not every business owner wants to learn graphic design to create an invoice.

A business invoice template makes it easy to create invoices. You can find a suitable template and plug in your company’s information.

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