5 Reasons Why You Need a Great Website for Your Business

Whether you are a business owner who doesn’t have a business website at all, or are one of the many who only manage a very simple site that really doesn’t do much for your business, here are some great reasons to make it an immediate goal to develop a really great website for your business now!

Reason #1 – Access Anytime!
Many consumers find themselves lying in bed, suddenly remembering something that they should have done earlier in the day. If this “something” is to locate or contact a company, they often will grab a phone or tablet and do a quick search to see what can be found, even at a late hour. For companies with websites, even a 2am visit can provide a potential customer with great information about services, prices, hours, and contact info. This means that your website is still out there working hard after hours…with no overtime pay required!

Reason #2 – Provides Credibility!
While the adage “don’t believe everything you read online” is most certainly true, people tend to feel more comfortable dealing with companies that have an “online presence”. For very small companies that are just getting started, a website gives the impression that they are established and adds a layer of credibility that can help bring new customers in the door. Keep in mind though, that the nicer and more professional your site is, the more credibility it tends to create for your business!

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Reason #3 – Reduces Inquiries & Saves Time!
Time is money, they say, and a typical business can spend a lot of time answering the same questions over and over, which can become tedious in the long term. Most people who have questions about a company or business, will check online first to see if the answer can be located on a website. By having a great website that includes relevant information about the company & products, as well as an amazing FAQ page, many inquiries can be eliminated, saving time, money, and frustrations!

Reason #4 – Provides a Space to Showcase!
Everyone loves to show off their successes, and a business website is the perfect place for highlighting company awards, great customer reviews, completed job portfolios or even employee of the month! You can also use your business website to advertise important events or promotions that are upcoming or ongoing, like sales, anniversaries, or specials.

Reason #5 – Helps Collect Data & Contact Info!
Websites are especially good at being able to collect data about a visitor that might be otherwise hard to obtain. An email address, for instance, is very commonly provided to obtain coupons, offers, or access to a special sale online. Additionally, analytics can give the site owner insight into where those viewing the site are located, how long they are browsing pages within the site, whether they are new or return visitors, and other relevant data that can be used in targeted marketing. For more information on analytics, check out this article!

Now that you know how beneficial having a great business website can be, let’s talk about getting started! In most cases, there is a misconception that a website is very expensive to develop, or beyond the skill level of the business owner to maintain. While this can be true of some sites, there are a variety of affordable and easy to use options as well. One of my favorites is Renderforest for ease of use and affordability.

Other business owners with established businesses might feel that having a website is just unnecessary, since they already have a substantial customer base and are not really looking to “sell anything”. Even if this is true, a website really can complement an existing business in terms of style, business goals, etc. Check out some of these amazing sample pages for inspiration!

Whatever the reason…or excuse…you have used up until now, I hope this article has encouraged you, inspired your thinking, and made you see that it is time to get a business website!

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