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5 Reasons Why You Need a CRM for your Business


Gone are the days when businesses had manual operations. Thanks to the advent of technology which has turned the table around. But when it comes to addressing customer queries on time and getting it fixed ASAP. Unlike other processes, customer service management involves new set of efforts every now and they decide the survival of your business for long.

So how does one automate these processes and improve efficiency?

Is there a simple mechanism to get it done?

If these two questions are running in your mind, then you must use customer relationship management tools. Well, this is not an alien term to people who are business, but several of them were neglecting it time and again owing to several reasons. But breaking all the odds, there are five reasons why a CRM is essential for your business.

Reason 1- Doing More with Less

Imagine this situation wherein you run a real estate business selling luxury apartments. The first step in terms of customer service is to address the customer query in a short time and then running the customer through the whole process, then follow-up twice or thrice and finally convert, close the deal. One person in a company is not involved in all of these activities. Several people put together are involved in these tasks and will take a hell lot of time. Even if you have standalone automated processes it won’t help as there is a whole lot of data going around. With CRM, you get to bring all of your data under one roof and handle all your customers with ease.

Reason 2- Follow-ups Made Simple & Sensible

Now imagine this situation wherein one customer service executive has been following up on a client and suddenly left the job. Another executive takes it over and starts a fresh conversation from the beginning without knowing where his/her predecessor left. Well, you can ask that person or the senior if he/she was involved. But isn’t that an extra effort and a waste of time? So with CRM in place, you get to understand where the other person left the conversation, the status of the lead and how you can take it forward and convert. Ain’t it sounding simple and sensible? Several businesses didn’t convert just because they didn’t simplify this process. Hence yet another reason why CRM will be of greater importance to scale up your business processes.

Reason 3- Customer Understanding

Bringing a centralized control of all your data is the primary essential factor about using a CRM. This data is not only their phone nos. and email IDs which you can use for later product marketing campaigns. But you get to understand their needs and mold your upcoming products based on those trends. Some set of people might want contemporary styles and some with traditional and some with a fusion. So you get to see everything here. Luckily you don’t have to go elsewhere to find all these rich information. But at the same time, it is your skill to draw the right information from people. If you fail to do so, you cannot achieve desired results and take your business forward.

Reason 4- Customer Retention

The same what we discussed above applies here. So once you’re done with marketing the current product to people, you go elsewhere in finding new customers. But you fail to realize how you can capitalize with the already existing ones. So the data you collect will be your right hand in this aspect here. You’ll effortlessly convert by understanding their needs and developing a product accordingly. On the other hand, your current customers might have a need for other set of products as well. The data you gathered will help you target people with the same interests and behaviours. Hence CRM helps in retaining your already existing customers as well and take you growth story forward without any hassles and involving fewer efforts.

Reason 5- Replicating Your Best Practices

This is the most important of all reasons to have a CRM Software. So you create a lot of processes to keep your business going. But when humans do it manually, an error ratio exists as well. But error ratios with automated machines are comparatively less. The main reason is, you have programmed the machine to perform a task for n numbers of times. So the CRM is going to do it for as many number of times with the same specs you had fed with. Therefore the chances of error making are less and you replicate your own best practice. Replicating best practice among humans might vary according to individuals. Some might be perfect and some might not be. Hence replicating the same process becomes monotonous and strenuous on humans. Therefore a CRM can be the right choice to ease human pressure.

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