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10 Reasons: WordPress Website is Better than a Traditional Website

Making a website that is user-oriented, competitive and classy has become a challenge in taking your business online. You spend a lot of time trying to nail down abstract concepts, to go through brainstorming sessions. Often, you end up getting frustrated because of the massive technology required in this process.

Today, there are platforms that can help you to create a website without having to take the trivial pain. One of them is WordPress or you can choose to go with any of the traditional methods.


Choose WordPress over traditional methods because:


It’s the most important factor in our business. We all went to spend less and earn more. WordPress helps you to carry out this idea because it’s very easy to use. Whenever you need to update any content on the website, you can do it by yourself. This saves you the cost of designers, writers or the developers who help you in posting the content.


In traditional website, you can make changes in your website by single computer. With WordPress, you can access the data from any part of the world with a working internet connection.

Variations in Designs

You no longer have to settle with the only design designed by your developers. In WordPress, you can choose from hundreds of different designs and themes that give your website a better look and feel. You can also convert a PSD to WordPress or an HTML to WordPress which is not the case with a traditional website.

Built-in Mobile Platform

WordPress automatically recognizes the device of your customers and convert your website as per the compatibility. This helps in enhancing customer experience.

Enabled Social Networking

Be it Facebook, Pins, Twitter or Insta, as soon as you post something on the website, an automatic notification sent out on these social pages. This is the most creative way to engage your customer with your services.

SEO Optimized

What’s the point of creating a website if it doesn’t top the list of your niche in search engines! The coding used in WordPress is simple which is easy to get indexed by search engines. With a right set-up, your WordPress website will automatically be fetched by Google or any other search engine. Certainly, there are other websites that pays to get on the top in search engines but if your content and services are great, you’ll always be on the top.


There is no need to spend time and money in developing new pages with complex coding. Just use WordPress and automatically your new pages will get added as per your designed category.


Today, users want immediate response to their queries. If your website is enabled with two-way communication with the visitors, there is nothing that can stop your website to stand better than a traditional website.

Controlling the comments

Only you can approve a comment to appear on your website. If it’s from any predatory account, you can remove it and carry a healthy conversation with your fruitful customers.


Securing your website against any malfunctioning, spammer or hackers is very important. WordPress does that for you without having to spend like you need in traditional websites. Just involve the right people while developing your website!

Author Bio:

Janetta Ainslee is a certified Magento Developer cum blogger. Presently, she is employed with designs2html Ltd, a reliable markup conversion and theming services company. She loves sharing information rich content about web design and development tips and tricks.



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