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Noteworthy SEO Tips for Magento website

There is no doubt that Search Engine Optimization is equally important for websites as blood in human body. It is a perfectly mentioned analogy here. Do you know why? It is because the human body needs blood to stay focused ergo to work harder to compete in life. And if we see the websites, SEO is also required to push the websites higher on the search engine results.

So coming straight to the point, without discussing much SEO, let’s discuss SEO for Magento websites. A newly developed eCommerce website is at a critical stage. It requires strong SEO to be ranked higher in the search engine. So at the time of Magento development, a Magento developer should be aware of all the SEO basic settings.


Here in this post, I have mentioned few common bloopers that should be avoided while making a Magento website.

  1. Do not use default Homepage Title: The Magento store has default homepage title as “home” which should be avoided to use. Remember one thing, the home page is very crucial and should be titled as per SEO requirement. Try to enclose your primary keyword first and then secondary keyword. You can update it CMS > Pages and Edit your home page.
  1. Logo ALT text: It is significant to set “Magento Commerce” at the time of installing new Magento parameter. It is mostly ignored while making the website live. It is also recommended to change the store name.

So, here are the significant steps for it System => Configuration => Design => Header => Logo Image ALT.

  1. Never miss writing Product Description: Mentioning product description is essential. If you avoid putting a description, it reduces the chances of the pages in the query of top 10 search result. Although it is mostly avoided by the online clothing or shopping gift shops, but we suggest you to add an attractive product description to the product card.
  1. Using Default Description: It is always suggested to the Magento developer to add a description from the manufacturer. It will guarantee that the search engine will penalise your website. It is because the descriptions mentioned here will be circulated to plenty of other online stores. All this leads to creating lots of pages with similar content and filters from search engines. Therefore, it is suggested to write unique and catchy content. Now you must be thinking how you will describe thousands of products on your website? So, I would suggest putting NO INDEX meta tag on the product pages for which you can’t write unique content. It is recommended to keep your SEO in properly optimised product pages rather than looking like spammy content.
  1. Not turning on rel =canonical: We would like to turn on the canonicals for both categories and products. It will save you from the issues arising via duplicate content.
  1. Ignoring Images Optimisation: Magento often ignores to add ALTs tag or change the name of the product images by default. So as a Magento user you should add SEO friendly names and filled ALT tags.

So, these were some common SEO mistakes in a Magento website and should be highly avoided in Magento development. I hope you enjoyed reading the article.

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Janetta Ainslee is a certified Magento Developer cum blogger. Presently, she is employed with Magentax Ltd is a emerging as a frontrunner in the e-commerce industry for offering top-notch Magento solutions. She loves sharing information rich content about web design and development tips and tricks.

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