Chasing away physical and mental illness with regular meditation

You may eat all organic food, choose BPA-free cookware and pick hypoallergenic furnishing for your family, yet feel sick and stressed all the time. Today, such cases are increasing significantly by number. People are falling sick without any apparent reason. People are coming into the emergency room with hives, allergic rhinitis and hay fever-like symptoms without any apparent link to actual allergies. Several people are suffering from pain like spondylosis or fibromyalgia, without really experiencing the physiological causes.


How does meditation make you feel better?

Doctors are linking such cases by one common factor – a high-stress lifestyle. Over 40 million people in the USA currently suffer from one form of depression or another. Many of them are leading a healthier and side-effect-free lifestyle just as predicted by Alan Watts speech on Psychotherapy, East and West in 1961. People who have embraced the art of meditation over the last few years have reported significantly lessened stress levels and a decrease in body pain or allergy-like symptoms.

There are several medically proven reasons for the same.

Lowering levels of inflammation molecules

There are certain molecules in the body like NFk-B that play a significant role in the inflammatory pathway of the human body. People in pain usually have higher levels of this protein complex in their system. The higher the level, the more inflammation, and pain the patient experiences. Several studies have shown a link between regular meditation and lowered levels of NFk-B among the participants.

Increased production of antibodies

People, who meditate regularly for at least 10 minutes tend to have better immunity towards common diseases. In fact, viral diseases like common cold and the flu do not take hold of the system easily. Meditation reduces the overall stress level of the body. This increases the fidelity of the cellular pathways and improves the genetic processes.

Increased levels of happy hormones

Serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and epinephrine are some common names you may have already heard from your doc or your psychiatrist. These are the several hormones that are responsible for balancing your mood and keeping your happy. However, in a world of ever-increasing stress, that’s rarely the case. Meditation can help you get in touch with your subconscious and level out the hormone secretion/synthesis processes.

Improved personality and response

Meditation also improves empathy, compassion, and cognition. These are essential elements of any human social interaction. Therefore, people who engage in meditation often, find better friends, office groups, and bond more with their families. Meditation can not only improve your mental health, but it can also improve your social life. Healthier social life on the weekdays and a great time with family on the weekends is great stress-busters.

Meditation is an all-rounder cure for almost all kinds of stress-related diseases and symptoms. Before going ahead and popping those painkillers, why don’t you try meditating 5 minutes a day? After all, unlike the chemically synthesized pills, meditation does not have any side-effects.

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