The Most Amazing Benefits of Meditation

Apart from the practice of mind and body, the yoga teacher training in meditation focuses on the interaction among the body, behaviour and soul. Meditation at our yoga retreat Bali has numerous amazing benefits and this practice can take you places.

Health Benefits: – For those suffering from hypertension, meditating can help you to decrease your high blood pressure. In addition, those with respiratory illnesses such as flu are able to recover more quickly. Women who suffer from menopause are found to benefit from meditation as well.

Better Sleep & Sex: – Meditation has the ability to help better sleep at our yoga retreat Bali – both in quantity and quality. Adding in some meditation will get you a better rest at night as well as fight fatigue and depression, symptoms associated with insomnia.


Along with sleep, you can increase the quality and frequency of your intimate relationships. The biggest reasons couples do not get to enjoy together time is because they are too tired. Stress results in increased blood pressure and suppressed immune system which takes a toll on the libido. Improve your response to stress through yoga teacher training and meditation. Your energy and stress levels won’t be an excuse any longer.

Increased Concentration and Productivity

Those who practice meditation are better able to tune out distractions resulting in increasing productivity. Ignoring background distractions helps one quickly retain and assimilate facts. Meditation combined with focused attention can help improve a person’s creativity. It has been discovered in yoga retreat Bali that those who practice open-monitoring meditation performed much better on a specific task when they were assigned to come up with any new ideas.

Yoga teacher training and meditation has been known to encourage and increase divergent thinking, which allows you to come up with a higher number of solutions to any given problem.

Reduced Anxiety

Our body’s response to stress is usually through fight or flight. When this occurs, we release the stress hormone cortisol as well as adrenaline to help us fight the stress.

Meditation has been shown to decrease the anxiety levels. While meditating in yoga retreat Bali we loosen the connections of certain neural pathways. You can now give strength to the assessment centre of your brain, which is known for its reasoning. In this way you will be better equipped to respond calmly in potentially nerve-wrecking circumstances.

Relationship Benefits

Meditation alleviates your tension and leaves you a better sense of belonging, making you more compassionate and empathetic to others. Whether looking to improve your relationship with your significant other or connect more with your employees and clients, meditation through yoga teacher training is the answer.

Final Thoughts

You may think there is no possible way you can include meditating into your already hectic life. Start out slow by taking a mere five minutes each day. You can easily squeeze in this short meditation practice before breakfast or you start off for work. As you get more comfortable, you can gradually increase the length of your sessions.

The benefits you gain from yoga teacher training are truly amazing and once you get hooked you’ll be grateful for not procrastinating any longer.

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