7 Fabulous Places Every Couple Needs To Travel To Together

No matter how many destinations you’ve covered, a trip with your partner is always refreshing and different from the rest. You cannot think of a single place; you’d like to visit without your soulmate. However, choosing an ideal place for a romantic gesture, be it a gateway tour, an anniversary delight, or an extravaganza honeymoon, the choice always has a considerable say in making it a success.

Luckily, our world is gifted enough with an array of places, often labeled as the heaven for the romantics. There are several places scattered all over the world, known for their intoxicating enjoyment as well as inviting culture. A short vacation to these places is sure to spice up the mundanity of your life or give you a reason to strengthen the bond. All you need to do is pack all your essentials over on your vehicle’s universal roof rack and set out to spend some quality time together.

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Let’s take a stroll around seven of the most fabulous places for couples without further ado.

1. Venice, Italy: The ‘Gondola Town’ is often quoted as the most romantic of all the tours ever designed. The lagoon city around the Adriatic Sea paints the best romantic picture beautiful enough to attract the hopeless romantics inside each of us. The ornate gothic palaces lined through Grand Canal thoroughfare offer one of its pleasant experiences. On top of it, the visitors also drink in the beauty of places, such as central square, St. Mark’s Basilica, Campanile bell tower, and the infamous Rialto Bridge. The site both serves as culturally significant as well as one of the best destinations for couples.

2. Paris, France: There are many amazing sites in the town of Romance. In addition to the majestic Eiffel Tower, the gothic Palais de Justice, Notre Dame Church, Louvre, and several other pristine surroundings, makes Paris the best destination for couples to visit. The town also has other romantic options, like small boating trips in the area, reputed cruising expeditions, and the oldest alternative of romantic wooden boats. Also, there are many street shops and avenues for exploring Parisian delights.

3. Zurich, Switzerland: The alpine beauty of Zurich has always been the first choice for all romantic fantasies. People from all over the world travel here to drink the beauty of the snow-clad Alps and the coniferous forests here attract people from across the globe. The town has everything; a travel junkie would seek art, culture, and picturesque sites. The street parade here is also a grand event for the visiting couple as the markets have some of the best swiss brands coming from all the nook and corner, providing different souvenir options and memories to savor. The city has also emerged as one of the fashion centers of Europe.


4. Bali, Indonesia: Bali, in a brief period, has become the world’s best honeymooner’s abode. Over the past few decades, the Asian town has seen tourists coming for a peaceful time with their partners. The city offers one of the calmest and serene vacay to its visitors. With options, such as meditation parks, Hindu Yoga hubs, hedonistic beach parties, and romantic evenings of South Bali, it is reigning as the best vacay spot. For those who seek delightful parties and adventure, beaches like Kuta Beach, Ubud, Kintamani volcanoes, and the central islands got you all covered.

5. Honolulu, Hawaii: The Hawaiian island is famously known as the lover’s town because of the existence of one of the most open-minded arrays of beaches. No matter your preferences, there’s always a pool party open here to welcome you irrespective of your age. The city also has a long chain of relaxation centers, luxury hotels, beach cottages, and secret forest trails; a couple would love to explore. The gorges, pools, and a trip around the island are some other unmissable perks of visiting the famous romantic destination.

6. Las Vegas, USA: For the couple seeking a getaway from mundane routine, Vegas is perhaps the best option. There is a reason behind all the tourists chanting “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” With the booze and beats culture of the town, there are several couple’s delights. The city has traditional American touch and serves best to the couples seeking carefree, adventurous night-outs. Other perks of the city include the infamous Rainbow Latte, Casino Royale, Happy Hours of the clubs, and 24/7 available party hubs. Moreover, the couples could go sightseeing at Red Conservatory, Hoover Dam Bypass, and theme parks, such as Mystic Falls Parks.

7. Canberra, Australia: The largest inland city of Australia has a full pallet of options for visiting couples. The availability of beds, beers, wines, and other Australian specialties makes the capital town a quintessential tourist hub. The city is a heaven for those who love food with eateries’ options, such as EightySix, Monster, and Aubergine. Wines like Capital Wines, Naked Cubby Co., etc. are here too, perking your late-night dates. Also, markets like Londstdale Streets are a cherry on the top for couples. Canberra is also famous for its galleries and avenues, promising a romantic walk along.

All these places stand out from each other in different aspects but share the same spirit of love. The decision is for you to make, select a destination as per your choice, and give yourself a lifetime experience with your significant other by your side. Each of these places promises the best in class experience, which can be your memory of a lifetime. Give yourself this much-needed bonding time and experience the ‘romance in the air,’ quite literally at these acclaimed lover’s destinations.

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