Is the USA a Good Tourist Spot for Budget Travelers?

The USA is not a popular tourist destination for budget travelers. However, some budget travelers come to the nation for a short vacation. They generally visit a few cities in the country. The USA is a vast nation; however, it does not have a very good tourist infrastructure or transportation for cross country traveling. If you check hostels in the USA, you will find they are not too big. The trains in the country do not go to many places,so if you think of traveling the USA on a very tight budget, it can be financially tough. You need to save some money in advance to come here.


Accommodation in the USA:
The USA does not have many hostels. You can stay in cheap motels and hotels that are located outside the city. Accommodation in the city is very expensive and so if you are on a budget, consider hiring rooms that are outside the city. Cheap hostel dorms generally charge you around $25 to $30 a night. If you stay in cheap motels, the average charge will be $35 to $40 a night. Hotels located in the city are quite expensive. They charge you $75 a night. In cities like New York, you need to shell out $ 100 or so per night. This means the price you pay for accommodation will depend upon the region you live in. Before traveling to the USA, city guides on different regions are available in local and online bookstores. Buy them to get an idea about travel to the USA.

Things To Do:
There are several things for you to do in the USA. In fact, there are so many things for every one of every taste and preference. If you are fond of sports, you can check out the football and baseball stadiums. You can pay a visit to horse racing venues and see the majestic horses you see live in action on websites like TVG. There are other places you can visit with your friends and family like national parks, museums, beaches and more.


Food in the USA:
Food in America is very cheap. Some shops sell you fast food and sandwiches. These sandwiches cost you $5 or so. Fast food will cost you $6. A meal at the middle-level restaurants will cost you around $10-$15. Of course, the prices for the top restaurants are higher. If you stay in the city or the coastal area, prices go up. Even if you cook your own food, the average costs incurred will be $50 to $70 every week for buying groceries like pasta, basic food items,and chicken.

When it comes to the coastal area, you will find that it is well-connected with rail and buses. The USA is a vast nation,and the transportation facilities are not uniform for all the states and regions. The popular train and bus networking system are Bolt bus, Megabusand Greyhound. The bus fares in the USA are cheap,and it is an average $1.

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