DIY Pest Control Tips For Home And Business Owners


Almost every household or business around the world needs to deal with pests at some point in their lives. These pests can range from ants to fruit flies and termites. While the best way to deal with most pests is to hire a professional pest control company there are a number of things you can do using household items to control these pests.

Removing grubs with a homemade concoction

One of the biggest advantages of DIY home pest control is that it is very inexpensive and easy. So, before you go on the offensive with a highly toxic and often dangerous dose of pesticides available from supermarkets near you why not try a homemade remedy? These remedies can be useful when it comes to preventing roaches, rats and ants. The easy way to deter animals like skunks and raccoons and to prevent grub damage is to distribute some animal fur or even some cayenne pepper over their lawn and even around their doors and windows. This fools these pests into assuming that they will be hunted by predators nearby.

Repelling ants with homemade coffee

The next time when you make coffee it’s time to save the grounds. These coffee grounds unknown to most people are a natural ant repellant. If it’s spread around your doors and windows the ants will refuse to come near you, making it an instant pest control item.

Getting rid of fruit flies

If you are being bothered by fruit flies just fill a glass with 1-2 inches of concentrated apple cider vinegar. Then tightly wrap the top of your bottle’s neck using plastic wrap and then poke holes using a fork. The way this works is pretty simple the sweet scent of the apple cider vinegar will lure the fruit flies after which they will drown in the vinegar.

Getting rid of common house flies

In order to get rid of these flies just combine eucalyptus, clover blossoms and cloves in a sachet. Then hang it from any high place in the room. This will instantly get rid of any flies that may be bothering you.

A natural rat repellent

The easiest way to repel any rodents in your home is to simply add a single tablespoon of peppermint castile soap with around a half teaspoon on fresh cayenne pepper along with eight cups of water. You can then spray this mixture along all the baseboards. This method is also used by a few experienced pest control experts to keep rodents away in businesses like shops.


Repelling roaches

In order to get rid of roaches just mix 2 tablespoons of your hottest hot sauce in 1 quart or a glass of water. Mix this well prior to spraying the problematic area. This will ensure that you never see cockroaches again.

Homemade remedy for termites

If you want to get rid of carpenter ants and termites just combine 4 tablespoons of grape jelly, along with 3 tablespoons of ordinary canned cat food and a tablespoon of boric acid. Take a teaspoon of this mixture and put in any location that you think that termites and the much hated carpenter ants are nesting. However, be careful this mixture can be equally deadly for your pets so never put it in a place where they can easily find it. The reason why this is so effective is because the workers will bring it back to their nest to feed their offspring and queen. This may have to be repeated multiple times in spring.

Getting rid of bed bugs

The easiest way is to combine rosemary oils with peppermint into two cups of water, then spray this on and around the mattress and the nearby floor.

Removing silverfish

There are many wingless pests that cause a number of problems in your home. In order to eliminate them experts agree that a mixture of boric acid and some moisture is all that is needed. So, take some boric acid and sprinkle it under the sink, in the bathroom and around your laundry rooms.

Get an expert service

According to “Chambers Pest Control” the best way to get rid of anything and everything that even closely resembles a pest is to hire a professional pest control services.

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