What Makes Finbarr Filan the Best Council Member of Sligo

Finbarr Filan from Sligo runs the award-winning family-owned convenience grocery store, Centra, in Sligo. He is married with four children and his hobbies include GAA, fishing and hunting. Finbarr has worked in various industries before taking over the reign of Centra. Under Finbarr’s leadership, the store has become a focal point of the community, and he is passionate about supporting local initiatives. Finbarr is a strong believer in giving back to the community and involves himself in a number of charitable projects.

You will be surprised to know the industries that Finbarr has been a part of before getting into retail. He studied manufacturing engineering when he was in college. after getting his manufacturing engineering degree, he worked as an engineer in many companies. In fact, he has experience working at the senior level in medical device manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and construction due to which he has a wealth of experience to offer retail businesses.

He has a strong understanding of all aspects of the manufacturing process, including quality control, product development, and customer service. As a manufacturing engineer, Finbarr is skilled in designing and improving manufacturing processes. In addition, Finbarr has a keen eye for detail and is able to spot potential problems and suggest solutions. He has a proven track record of successfully managing projects from start to finish. Prior to moving into retail, Finbarr spent several years working in manufacturing and has gained a vast amount of knowledge in the industry. He is confident in his ability to provide excellent customer service and believes that his skills would be an asset to any company. With Finbarr’s knowledge and experience, retail businesses can benefit from improved efficiency and decreased downtime.


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When Finbarr joined the Sligo County Council, he quickly realized that one of the key ways to make Sligo a successful business center was to forge partnerships with the business community. He was intrigued by how the Sligo County Council could make this happen and decided to join a pilot project that was focused on this issue.

For Finbarr, the answer to Sligo’s economic woes was clear: he believed that the city had enough business opportunities and could even turn into a business hub if the Council planned things carefully. So when he heard about a pilot project that was focused on making Sligo a more business-friendly town, he jumped at the chance to get involved. Through his work on the project, Finbarr learned a great deal about how to build successful partnerships between the Council and businesses. He also gained a deep understanding of the needs of businesses in Sligo and how the Council could help them to grow and thrive. As a result of his involvement in the project, Finbarr played a key role in making Sligo a truly thriving business centre.

Due to his success at Centra Sligo, Finbarr Filan is a well-respected business leader in Sligo. He has been a driving force behind the town’s economic development for many years, and he is widely credited with helping to turn Sligo into a business hub for both foreign direct investment (FDI) and indigenous small and medium enterprises (SMEs). His consistent effort at working with business partners has enabled the city to slowly develop as a business center. He has played a key role in attracting major international companies to invest in Sligo, as well as supporting local businesses through mentorship and networking.

Currently, he is intricately involved in the Government Advisory Group. As one of the founder members of the group, Finbarr provides expert advice on the regeneration of town centres. He has also worked with other members of the group to develop an evidence-based case for the policy, which was then used to persuade government ministers to adopt the policy.

In addition, Finbarr played a key role in the implementation of the Town Centre First Policy, working with local authorities and businesses to ensure that its objectives were met. As a result of his work, the town centre first policy has had a significant impact on the regeneration of town centres across Sligo.

Finbarr is also a member of the Chair of the St Patricks Day Festival Committee, and he plays an essential role in ensuring that the festival runs smoothly. He is responsible for coordinating all of the different elements of the festival, from the parade to the food and entertainment. In addition, he also works closely with local businesses and organizations to ensure that they are able to provide the necessary support for the event. Without Finbarr’s dedication and hard work, the St Patricks Day Festival would not be possible.

His immense success in conducting the St Patricks Day Festival helped him become a valued member of the Chair of the Purple Flag team. Finbarr’s extensive knowledge of the nightlife and hospitality industry is an asset to the team, and his passion for ensuring that towns and cities provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all visitors is evident in his work. His dedication to his role on the team has helped to raise the standards of the night-time economy, and his work has been recognized with the award of the Purple Flag. This award is an important recognition of the efforts made by Finbarr and the team to improve the quality of the evening and night-time economy, and it is a testament to their hard work and commitment. Finbarr’s contribution to the team has made a positive impact on the town, and he is proud to be part of an organization that is making a difference.

Additionally, Finbarr became a member of the Chair of Sligo Tidy Towns. In this role, he is responsible for leading the organization and coordinating its activities. He also works closely with other members of the community to ensure that the town remains clean and attractive. In addition, Finbarr also serves as a liaison between the Tidy Towns committee and the local government. In this capacity, he is often able to secure funding for projects that would otherwise not be possible. As a result, Finbarr has been instrumental in helping to make Sligo a cleaner and more beautiful place to live.

Many people wonder how Finbarr is able to handle so many posts alone. It is because of his education and experience that allows him to come up with ideas that bring Sligo into the limelight. He holds a BTech degree in Manufacturing Technology, Post Grad Diplomas in European Studies and Management, and ACCA Dip in Accounting and Finance. These qualifications have given him the skill set needed to not only work at the senior level of different industries but also run his convenience grocery store efficiently. In addition, he loves talking to people and finding out what changes they want in their hometown. He assesses the needs of the people and accordingly presents his ideas to the investors.

In recent years, Finbarr has been instrumental in making Sligo a major centre for businesses in the region. Thanks to his efforts, Sligo is now home to dozens of businesses, ranging from small start-ups to large multinational corporations. He has provided financial support to local businesses, helped to attract new investment to the area, and created thousands of jobs. His work has transformed Sligo into a thriving business hub, and his contribution to the community has been invaluable. That is why the Sligo County Council considers him as one of the most precious members and always seeks his expertise and leadership skills whenever they are about to start a new project.

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