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Five Amazing Alternate Uses for Spray-on Truck Bed Liner

There are a great number of people out there who are involved with DIY projects that are aimed at saving money as well as providing release from everyday pressures with a hobby. However, when it comes down to the finishing touches, it often becomes problematic. One of the products on the market that you would never believe has a great number of alternate uses is spray-on truck bed liner. It provides a protective coating and can also be used functionally as well. Here are five amazing alternate uses for spray-on truck bed liner.


Photo by Ross G. Strachan

1) Refinishing Bicycles

Anyone who has children knows that there will invariably be dings and scratches, even the first week your kid has his/her new bike. It’s a way of life with kids, and the older they get, the worse those scratches get. If you are involved with banging out dents and refinishing your child’s bike, you might want to give it a coat of protection once the paint dries.

2) Lawn Furniture

If you are into building or repairing lawn furniture, one thing you will want to do is protect it from the elements as well as from all those bumps and scrapes. Some people choose to use spray-on rust guard paints but for lawn furniture made from aluminum or fiberglass, spray-on types of truck bed liner may be the better choice because it was especially formulated to take heavy knocks. One product that comes to mind is Raptor Bed Liner Kit that is ideally suited for all types of metal, fiberglass and even wood. For lawn furniture? It’s perfect.

3) Coating Tool Boxes

When working with tools, there is no way to keep those tool boxes in pristine shape. So many of them are made from metal and at the first nick or scratch, they begin rusting. Have you priced heavy duty tool boxes lately? They are through the roof! Rust preventatives only work so well, and obviously are not strong enough to take heavy knocks from heavy tools. You need something formulated for use on vehicles that is sure to be heavy duty.

4) Repairing Fenders

Have you ever seen those plunger type gadgets that you can use to pull dents out of fenders? They are the perfect tool for a DIY auto body repair project, but unfortunately, what to do about the scratches? Here again, you can touch up the paint and apply a coat of rust preventative, but for a vehicle it is more logical to use a product developed for use on vehicles. That dent didn’t get there by itself and there is a good possibility you will get more the next time you go to the shopping mall. When it comes to fender scratches, an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure.

5) Metal or Fiberglass Doors on Homes

Some homes have metal or fiberglass exterior doors that are susceptible to damage due to heavy traffic. If you are a DIYer who is involved in a home renovation project involving replacing exterior doors, do what you can to protect them before that damage can occur. The reason truck bed liner is suggested is because it is especially formulated to take abuse form the elements and flying debris on roadways. If that kind of product can protect your vehicle from high-velocity stones and rocks, it is believable that it could protect your doors from being kicked and slammed.

The point being made is that if you are working with any type of item that is prone to damage from the elements or from impacts, it pays to give them that added bit of protection. Nothing is worse than seeing your handiwork destroyed when a simple preemptive measure could have avoided the problem altogether.


  1. Larry Wapelhorst

    This might be out in left field, I was wondering if you could spray the floor of a shower that had tile grouted tiles that had started to crack causing concern of water leakage to the subflooring. I would also spray approx. 12′ up the shower walls if it worked like I think it might. I know its out there but please let me know if if you think the application would work. Thanks

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