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Why You Should Use A Spray Tan Machine

Spray tanning seems to be the preferred means of getting a tan these days. One of the obvious reasons is that it’s much safer than traditional sun tanning, basically since any extended time in the sun not only hurts your skin but also has long term repercussions like premature skin aging and ultimately heightens your risk of skin cancer. It has become so popular that people are realizing now that it’s in their best interest to acquire their own machines. There are actually a couple of good reasons why you should use a spray tan machine rather than a manual application or frequenting the tanning salon.


1. It’s More Affordable: If you find that you’re visiting the tanning salon more than you’d like, to maintain that bronzed glow that everyone notices, then it’s time to get your own tanning machine. Once you start shopping around for a spray tan machine, you’ll see that the cost and upkeep work out a lot cheaper than weekly visits to the salon. Mobile spray tan systems range from $200 and up, portable handheld spray guns are even cheaper and the tanning solution can start anywhere from $20 and up, which you would only need to get once every three months or so. If you’ve have fallen victim to weekly salon visits, then you’re spending about $150 – $200 per month … so do the math!

2. It’s Easy to Use: Don’t be intimidated with using these devices; they are pretty easy to maneuver. Once you follow the instructions and get your hands on the trigger, you’ll see that its smooth sailing after that. Usually, the user manual will guide you on how to fill and attach the tanning cup, adjust the nozzle to tan certain areas of your body, etc. When you’re ready to start tanning, simply hold the tanning gun or nozzle head about 12 inches away from yourself and spray lightly in a swaying back and forth or circular motion. Repeat to accomplish even and ample coverage and follow through with the remaining areas of your body. Pose like a scarecrow for about 20 minutes and then you’re done.

3. Gives Better Coverage: Application with a spray tan machine gives a light coverage that makes your tan look more natural than ever. The machine delivers just the right amount of fluid to the spray nozzle for dispersion. Also, the nozzle is designed to distribute the tanning solution with a misting effect, which as a result covers lightly and evenly with an added shine and glow.

4. Tan at Leisure in The Comfort of Your Home: Another great perk about owning your own spray tan machine is that you don’t have to call in and schedule and appointment anywhere and with anyone! Just get your tanning machine out, in the privacy of your home with no hassle whatsoever. Tan on your own schedule and have the ease of touching-up your color whenever you please and as many times as you need.

5. Start your Own Business: This may sound far-fetched, but think about. You have been doing your own tans for a few months now, you seem to be doing a pretty good job and have even taught yourself a few tricks along the way. You’re a professional! How about starting off by extending your services to family and friends and see how it goes from there.

Author: Ian Turner

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