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Clean and Healthy Makeup for All Skin Types

For hundreds of years, makeup has been used regularly to enhance an individual’s natural beauty and to reflect the preferences, moods and emotions of the makeup wearer. The ingredients and compounds utilized in makeup are continuously updated and changed, largely due to industry and global concerns over user health, both in the immediate and long term. Most companies have begun to turn away from the use of harsh and overly-processed chemicals in their products, instead turning to natural and organic ingredients that result in safe and clean makeup.

Acne affects everyone, so it’s time we start facing this sour yet real truth. One thing that can ease the inflammation caused by harsh makeup combinations is using aha creams. They can help you take care of your skin quickly just by placing the cream on your face regularly

There’s a wealth of information available about various types of cosmetics that are actually healthy for your skin and the reality is that with so many brands, kinds, chemicals and ingredients, finding the most suitable and cost-worthy products can be a daunting task. Still, there are effective, safe and healthy makeup products out there for every person.


The Issue of Coverage – Foundations for Sensitive Skin

Perhaps one of the most difficult health aspects to deal with – in terms of makeup – is finding appropriate foundations for various skin types, especially sensitive skin. Ten to twenty years ago, there weren’t any foundations made to cater to specific skin types. The reality, as modern makeup experts have come to understand, is that differing skin types need different kinds of foundations in order to prevent, at best, a day of uncomfortable wear and at worst, some type of serious reaction.

In order for makeup to be healthy for your skin, it is essential that you give your skin exactly what it wants and needs. On average, less than twenty percent of women choose the correct pigmentation and mixture of foundation for their type of skin. The first step in the process of finding the correct foundation is identifying the type of skin you have: oily, normal, dry or sensitive. Then, you must determine what your biggest issue with your current foundation is – is it sitting too heavily on your skin? Is it causing your skin to itch or break out? Is it flaking off or is it disappearing completely after a short time of wear?

The final step is to determine the type of look you’re going for once the foundation has been applied. Should the end result be a natural look? Matte? Dewy, perhaps? Or are you simply looking for an even complexion? For individuals with sensitive skin, a foundation that has a mineral element is a must.

Top Three Sensitive-Skin Foundations

MicaBeauty Mineral Foundation 5 is described as organic, with 100% all natural ingredients, and hypoallergenic. This foundation powder is oil-free and especially formulated to protect the quality of your skin. MicaBeauty works well on sensitive skin. Since it’s oil-free, it won’t clog the pores of your face, and it won’t dry out your skin either. MicaBeauty is available in seven different colors, to match virtually any skin tone. This foundation product feels great and looks great and is ideal for wearers with sensitive skin.

Vasanti Face Base Powder Foundation with Mineral Pigments is another oil-free, hypoallergenic foundation. Vasanti offers even more color variety, with 11 shades to choose from. It is a non comedogenic product, meaning that it is formulated to avoid blocked pores, and is therefore a good choice for consumers who may have a tendency to develop acne problems.

One special advantage of Vasanti is that since it contains no titanium dioxide, it avoids giving your skin a caked or ashen appearance. Gluten-sensitive users will appreciate the fact that the totally vegan formulation is completely gluten-free. Vasanti is a top choice for women with acne problems, or simply women who prefer the most all-natural ingredients.

Physician’s Formula Nude Wear Glowing Nude Foundation is one of the most popular foundation choices for women who not only want to keep their skin healthy, but who also cherish the “no makeup look”. Gluten-free and dermatologist-approved Physician’s Formula nude foundation provides full coverage, evening out your skin tone beautifully, but is also extremely light. Many users recommend this product because of its ability to smooth out skin tone without appearing to be a visible cover-up.

It also blends easily with other makeup products. Physician’s Formula is hypoallergenic, and like Vasanti, noncomedogenic, keeping pores clear and combating acne. This foundation is easily applied and goes on smoothly, with just one spray onto an easy-to-use application sponge. Physician’s Formula Nude Wear is also noteworthy for being one of the least expensive foundation products that offers all natural ingredients for users with sensitive skin.

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