Give A Shot At Some Unique Ways Of Staying Healthy

Each day new health trends make the rounds, and while some of them are worth your time and money, most of them are just interesting ideas that tend to fade without catching anybody’s attention. If you are looking at putting a bit of sparkle in your workout routine, enhance your physical appearance or bring about an increased sense of well-being around you, give a shot at some of the unique ways, mentioned here, of staying fit.

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Take part in novelty competitions

Take part in novelty competitions
If you are not particularly kicked about traditional running races, walkathons, marathons and other forms of running competitions, why not try out some unique novelty competitions that also double up as a workout and also as a race. Tweaking on one of the oldest forms of exercise, novelty races incorporate creative ideas that motivate and inspire people to take part in them. For example, there are backward running events, underwater marathons and even zombie races — where in, people dressed as zombies, chase you through a maze. Look out for such interesting events that are fun to take part in them and also ensure that you get your necessary work out.

Organic body care

Organic body care

When it first started out, the concept of organic body and skin care was a fairly niche concept, that did not have many takers. These days, almost every reputed brand is bringing out natural and organic skin products to meet the demand of increasingly health-aware consumers. No longer considered to be just a fad, the organic health and beauty trend is here to stay. More and more research indicates that body and skin products which are chemical-based are not only irritating to the skin but can also cause premature ageing and can be bad for the health, in the long run. A large number of popular skincare and body care products contain hazardous and carcinogenic substances that can be easily absorbed by the skin and carried through the blood stream.

Workout apps

Workout apps
One of the greatest boons of technology is that it has provided an outstanding way of staying fit without having to venture outdoors. Thanks to the wonderful world of health, fitness and workout apps available on most smart phones these days, an individual’s healthy living regimes and workout has been completely revolutionised. Handy apps on the mobile can now keep a close track of all your fitness and exercise schedules and can even offer healthy eating advice while suggesting changes in your eating habits at the same time. Although some of these applications are available at a fee, most of them can be freely downloaded and used, which means that there is no need to spend large amounts of money on dietary advice. A simple search on your smart phone for free workout apps can give you a long list of readily available apps for your usage.

Herbal beverages

Herbal beverages
Although the concept of green tea is not a new trend, its popularity and branching out into various kinds of healthy herbal teas have soared rapidly over the years. In the past, green tea was available only in select health stores, but these days almost every supermarket, retail outlet, coffee shop and tea room supplies a wide variety of various herbal beverages for good health. As an excellent alternative to coffee, soft drinks, caffeinated beverages and regular tea, herbal beverages render a large number of health benefits. From providing antioxidants that can help in preventing diseases and premature ageing, herbal beverages can also be used to combat health disorders such as anxiety, digestion problems and skin complaints.

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  1. Nice to see you included herbal teas here in your list of healthy things. They have become my go to drink during cold weather since I only like to drink water when I am hot. Plus I feel like I am getting healthy benefits from drinking them.

  2. Nice info. Green tea is proving to be a great hebral remedy. Its even useful in weight loss which can help reduce risk of obesity, diabetes, heart diseases etc.

  3. Excellent article.
    As a physioterapist I am pleased to see fellow health interested people share advices which are so simple that everyone can do it.
    Cheap moisteriser, health apps and tea are all great for a healtier lifestyle.

    Keep up the good work.
    And to readers, keep do good work out and live healthy 🙂


    green tea is great for weight loss too. nice incorporation of all relevant data.

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