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Why and How You Can Beat the Stink

Personal hygiene is very important. By maintaining a high level of cleanliness for our bodies, we are able to prevent disease and also to be appealing to the people around us. One of the main aspects of personal hygiene is taking a bath and using some deodorant afterwards.

Deodorant is normally applied on the underarms. This is because this part of the body sweats a lot and as a result, bacteria normally grow there. If you don’t wear deodorant, you can experience tremendous amounts of body odor.

Deodorant is especially important to a woman. Your body is special and requires to be kept as clean and fresh as possible. You should use deodorant after every bath so as to keep your body smelling good. There are two types of deodorant. These are:

  • Scented
  • Unscented


Scented deodorant has a unique smell. It can be made to smell like flowers, spices or herb extracts. This smell envelope you as you go about your day. The deodorant keeps bacteria from accumulating in your underarms. Thus you stay sweat free and smelling nice all day.

Unscented deodorant does not have any characteristic smell. It is made up of the active ingredients of deodorant that prevent excessive sweating and kill bacteria that accumulate on the body. However, no ingredients are added to it to make it smell nice. As a result, it works perfectly with no smell whatsoever.

Why use deodorant?

You should use deodorant regularly so as to prevent your body from stinking. An accumulation of bacteria on the skin can cause an unpleasant smell to emerge. This smell can come from areas such as:

  • under arms
  • feet
  • hands

The best deodorant for women has ingredients which get rid of harmful bacteria and stop the unpleasant smell. Examples of these ingredients are organic oils and extracts from marine plants. They work together to get rid of any bacteria and fungi that may have accumulated on the body, leaving your body smelling nice and fresh. 

Deodorant is versatile

You should use it so as to take advantage of this great characteristic. Deodorant can be used almost anywhere on the body. You can use it on any part of your body that you know is sweaty and stinks. Examples of these parts are the feet, under arms and the chest.

Avoid these ingredients so as to stay safe

Some companies add chemical ingredients to their deodorants. These ingredients are harmful when applied to the body. Examples of these ingredients are triclosan, zirconium, aluminum chlorohydrate and aluminum chloride. As you buy some deodorant, ensure that none of these chemicals have been added to your deodorant. If you want to stay safely away from these ingredients, you should buy natural formula deodorant for example Confident All Natural deodorant.


Deodorant is safe for use on most parts of the body. It will not cause any itching, stickiness, staining or harsh reactions at all. Thus, if you know that some parts of your body get sweaty and stink, you should apply deodorant on them regularly.


Faith Sarandon is a beautician. She has been a professional in this field for many years and has her own chain of beauty salons. She is a good authority on the best deodorant for women. To know more visit Vi-Tae.com

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