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How to Look Amazing in a Salwar Suit

Salwar Kameez is supposed to be a very popular Indian ethnic outfit especially, in the Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, and Punjab. Its popularity is growing by the day and working women nationwide are wearing salwar suits today. That is chiefly because a salwar suit is convenient to wear and comfortable too. Even Bollywood celebrities love to wear this traditional Indian outfit. Here are a few important tips to make you look perfect in a conventional salwar suit.

Wear the Right Length

Go for the right length of the kameez. Excessively long length kameez do not look very nice when teamed with a salwar. Wear a kameez that is just adequate in length and is just below your knees, for a smart look.


Choose the Best Fabric

You need to be careful while choosing the fabric. You could end up flaunting your curves or displaying your flab. Light fabrics would be great for making you look better and slimmer. It is a wise idea to avoid tissue and net if you are overweight and possess a heavy frame. If you are really thin, you must avoid soft and thin fabrics such as cotton or chiffon as they cling to your body and would end up making you look slimmer.

Watch on the Kind of Sleeves You would Love to Sport

The length of the kurta’s sleeves is extremely important. Long sleeves are very much in vogue and they make you look nice and smart. Always choose the length of the sleeves very carefully. Avoid sleeveless if you have heavy arms. Full sleeves would help you to hide those flabby arms and give you a toned appearance. If your arms look excessively thin and scary, it is best to wear different designs on the sleeves such as a flower or frilled design to divert the attention from your ultra-thin arms.

Choosing the Right Color Is Really Vital

Dark colors such as black, maroon, green and blue would make you look slimmer and more beautiful. However, avoid very dark tones if you have a dark complexion. Pastel shades such as peach, mauve, sea green, powder pink make slim women and fair complexioned women look fascinating. You just need to identify the colors that complement your looks best.

Choosing the Perfect Style Really Helps

There is a really broad spectrum of styles available today in salwar kameez sets such as asymmetrical, A-shaped, Chinese etc. Choose the shape that would best match your body type and enhance your looks. You must realize that the type of salwar suit that is in vogue may not be the right one for you. Do not follow fashion trends blindly. Instead, think carefully before choosing a distinctive style. Get the basics right and go on experimenting till you get the perfect look. You could buy beautiful Patiala suits or straight cut salwar suits online depending on what best complements and enhances your personality and looks.

Choose As Per the Occasion

You must choose the right salwar kameez as per the occasion. You must opt for a simple suit with formal cuts and motifs if you are going to the office or school. Do not go overboard. But if you are going to attend a party or a wedding or any festive occasion, you could simply go all out and choose a nice rich and heavy salwar suit that best suits your complexion, personality and looks.

Many fashion designers believe that a dupatta is necessary for a complete look. You could simply tie it around your neck or let it hang on your shoulder. Wear nice footwear such as the conventional juttis or chic sandals and go for regular manicure and pedicure so that your foot looks nice and attractive. Wear the right accessories that would enhance your overall looks. Matching jewelry is a must for a grand look. Choose the right hairstyle that would complement your looks and personality.

Wear your smile and carry your confidence for the ultimate look!

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Jyotsna Dhawan is a grooming consultant in a renowned beauty clinic cum salon in Mumbai. She is also, an ardent blogger and enjoys counseling her fans and followers. She is pretty impressed with the collection of straight cut salwar suits online and recommends https://fashionbuzzer.com/.

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