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Five SMM Strategies You Wish You Knew Years Ago to Drastically Improve Your Efforts

Social media has witnessed an extreme development during the past seven years – who knew that by 2016, 79% of American internet users are going to use Facebook. Moreover, there are many other networks: Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc. Imagine the success of your project if years ago, you knew how popular they are going to be and used them as a platform for the free social media advertising. Below, we are going to remind you of five SMM strategies you wish you knew years ago to improve your efforts drastically.


1. Create a Business Plan and Stick to it

You have to use the social media with the coldness of head and stick strictly to the plan previously created. Having a social media advertising strategy, your steps would be logical and consistent. For example, you will set a goal to post four tweets a day as a beginning – then, go ahead and post at least four! Check the competitors’ activities to have a finger on the pulse. Additionally, do not forget to be flexible – do not be afraid to change or add something to your schedule because you have no idea what tomorrow is going to bring.

2. Your Attitude to Each Social Media Channel Must Be as to a Separate Entity

You must fully understand which audience is present at each social media channel. You will thus be able to post the corresponding content. For example, the audiences of LinkedIn and Instagram differ profoundly: while the first tends to get an in-depth educational content, the latter is more visually oriented and expects entertainment form the content.


3. Provide Exceptional Customer Service on the Social Media

Be super attentive to each subscriber and visitor on your social media channel – if his/her activity is ignored, the trust is lost, and s/he will hardly come back. While you miss the question of the user, it will be answered at the competitors’ – do you want this? Probably, not, that is why be attentive to each user. The subscriber will be flattered by your immediate reply, and you will thus build your authority. There are thousands of examples of interaction between the social media channel representative and the ordinary user.

The one that comes to mind is when the factory worker twitted to Kim Kardashian: “Do you notice your fans? I love you loads! #hotlove”, Kim replied: “Love you too.” After that, the number of his followers grew from 200 to 20,000, and he now earns £5,000 a year for the social media work. Yes, Kim Kardashian represents herself rather than a project or a brand, but the example shows the interaction between the social media and its users with the good consequences.

4. Embrace the Mistakes that You Make

In the fast pace of social media life, the mistakes are unavoidable – whether it is a grammar mistake or the content misunderstood by the subscribers. You will never be perfect that is why try to embrace what you do and never delete the posts. Rather, bring the apology or explain yourself to make your audience understand what you meant and before posting it is better to use help of college essay editors. There is nothing worse than pretending it never happened because that will not give you the respect and trust of your subscribers.


5. Track Your Social Media Metrics

Define a day at the beginning of each month when you are going to explore your metrics: this includes follower growth, page views, post likes and shares, and many other parameters. They will let you understand what goes well and what – not so much, and make the necessary changes if needed. It will let understand what requires additional work and what needs expansion because it already has success. In addition, most important, you will compare yourself with the competitors, which is essential.

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