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Local Search Strategies to Get Ahead of Your Competitors

When you and your peers are competing in the same online market, achieving success can often become difficult. Both you and your competitors are utilizing search engine optimization to the maximum, but sometimes you fail to keep up the pace. There is nothing to worry, as with the arrival of 2018, focusing solely on global SEO will not make a huge difference. Successful SEO companies like Tayloright pay equal attention to local SEO as well.


The competition based on local searches is surprisingly more fierce and competitive. With Google emphasizing more and more on local SEO, you local search tactics have to be more strong and logical. Here are some of the strategies you need to follow in order to outrank your local competitors in the market:

Create Google My Business Post

Google posts are mostly like small-ads inclusive of a description, picture, landing page URL, offer and so on. Your first local SEO initiative must be claiming your own Google My Business listing; otherwise, you will reduce your chances of local search visibility. Once you claim your Google My Business listing, you can design posts for promoting your products, services, and local business events. With Google posts, you can inform your target audience about your recent work and achievements. Since Google has an insight into your website’s performance, it will rank you better due to increased user engagement and you can easily outrank your competitors.

Select the Best GMB category

Keeping Google My Business in consideration, picking an unrivaled GMB category is very critical for your business website. This will determine how your website will rank on Google. If you see that your opponents are walking ahead of you in terms of local search, identify their business category and put your efforts in that same division. In case this tactic proves to be ineffective, choose your category through a trial and error method.

Employ High-quality URL practices

URLs are a prominent feature of your SEO campaign and user experience tactic. Not only they inform the visitors about your page, they also act as a guide for the composition of your website. One of the best URL practices includes making the URL descriptive, concise, and readable. To make it crisper, you can also use target keywords in the URL. If you run your website via a content management system, then simply arrange the settings accordingly to make sure that your website URL is SEO-friendly.

Post High-quality Local Content

As you are endeavoring into local SEO, your blog’s topics must be something that will keep the local audience interested in your business. Write content for your audience rather than promoting your products and services. They are the end user of your offerings and, therefore, your content must solve their queries. With top-rated content, you can drive heavy local traffic to your site and your website will rank better in the SERPs.


Finally, do not get stressed just because you are lagging behind in the competition. Follow the aforementioned local SEO tactics and build an effective local online marketing campaign. With time and proper management, you will achieve the expected results.

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Maria Jones is a digital art fellow and multidisciplinary artist who is into design and development for the last ten years. She now specializes in the responsive design and writing blogs about evolving graphics and web design concepts.


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