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Four Basic Things You Should Know About Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is latest IT Delivery model accessed over the internet. “In other words, ‘It is a model for make easy, on-demand network access to the shared pool of configurable computing resources, For example: Networks, storage, servers, , applications & services) that can be rapidly released among minimal management effort or service provider interaction.”


It indicates variety of Internet based Computing service.

Cloud Computing is not a New Technology or Revolution, It is a revolutionary style of computing emerging from evolutionary changes. This article introduces terms & terminologies associated with Cloud Computing. It has been described as new age of computing.

Cloud Computing is combination of grid computing, Unified Communication, Utility Computing, Web 2.0 and many other similar technologies.

Versions of Cloud

There are various varieties of Cloud Computing Services. Two of the more popular versions of Cloud Offerings are SAAS (Software as a service), IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service). User gain access to SAAS applications using a web browser. In IAAS, Provider offers Physical servers, Storage and connectivity resources to run enterprise application on pay- as- you-go basis.


Cloud Computing service offers Flexibility in IT Service. It is a economical way to support users or New IT service. Some basics characteristics of Cloud Computing are mentioned below:

  1. On-Demand Service
  2. Ubiquitous Network Access
  3. Rapid Elasticity
  4. Measured Service
  5. Resource Pooling

Now Let’s Look at the Types of Cloud and Cloud Deployment Methods:

  1. Public Cloud: These are available in general public or Industry group and are owned by organization selling cloud service.
  2. Private Cloud: It offers many of the same benefits as the public cloud. Private cloud exits your company firewall and managed by organization
  3. Hybrid Cloud: Hybrid Cloud is combination of Public & Private Cloud. It is composition of two or more clouds such as private, community or Public.


How Cloud Computing Works & Basics of Cloud are similar from One source to Next,

  • Infrastructure (IAAS): It includes service such as: Storage, Backup, and Security.
  • Platform (PaaS): It helps us to develop their own applications. Few examples of PaaS service are: Microsoft Azure, Google App Engine.
  • Software (SaaS): It is basically a Internet Software or service that you rent, per month basis. SaaS is most common type of Cloud Service.

 Cloud Computing helps to grow your business with modernized way. It offers many benefits; some of them are listed below:

  1. Reduce IT Costs
  2. Scalability
  3. Business Continuity
  4. Collaboration efficiency
  5. Flexibility of Work Practices
  6. Access to Automatic Updates.
  7. Manageability

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