Cloud Computing: Laying Out The Possibilities For SMEs

Cloud Computing

For many, the words cloud computing will mean little, if not nothing. For a small to medium enterprise however, the concept of cloud computing can be nothing short of revolutionary. From saving space to saving money, there are many reasons why companies are ditching the physical for the cloud. Interested? Read on to find out more.

What is it?

The term cloud computing is deceptively simple to understand. Resources, software and information are all shared via a network, meaning that someone can have access to a particular file instantly, rather than, for example, finding out who has it on their computer and then having them email it over to them. This is a very simple example of how cloud computing works, but effective in demonstrating how easy it makes everyday tasks in the office.

Easy to access

This ease of use for employees is one of the main positive points to cloud computing. As long as they have access to the internet, staff can log on to the company network and pick up where ever they left off. This means that you can work from home, office or abroad – as long as you have that essential internet connection, any work can be accessed and completed. So whether your staff can’t make it in because of a train strike or you need to ask someone to complete a task while they are on holiday, cloud computing makes it all possible.

Space saver

Cloud computing can also save space. No, not space on your computer, but real, physical space in the office. As a business grows and expands, the need for more software and storage space will increase with it. This can mean costly and tie consuming relocations, which will affect the output of your business. For a SME, this is a real concern. With cloud computing at hand, those worries can be eradicated. If you require more space, then you can simply purchase it from your cloud computing service provider. The result? Being able to stay in the same place, with enough (albeit metaphorical!) space to cater for the needs of your business.

More money left for your business

Now, saving space obviously saves a company money, but cloud computing can also be financially beneficial in other ways. It can be helpful to think of buying data storage as similar to buying electricity from a grid. So you are only charged for what you use, making it a good option for SMEs, where tight budget control is often the number one priority.

Maybe it’s time for you to change

There is a lot more to cloud computing than the above points, and any major overhaul of how a company works should never be taken lightly. Some people may find cloud computing a little difficult to get used to, but it won’t take long for them to know how to use it. After all, anyone who uses a web-based email address is already using cloud computing, showing just how big a part it already plays in our lives. So for an SME where rapid expansion is on the horizon, now could be the ideal time to take your computing from ground level up into the clouds.

Alex Viall is the Director for London IT Support company Mustard IT. As an expert in the industry, Alex believes that Cloud Computing has opened up a world of opportunity for SME’s across the UK and the rest of the world.

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