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4 Elements You Should Add to Your Checklist Before You Pick Payroll Software

There are numerous benefits that come with switching to an automated system of organizing and running your payment system. For the most part, businesses are always looking for ways of simplifying their processes to save money.  There are others, however, who are simply wondering if there is an easier way of creating more advanced and comprehensive payroll reports.  As it may be all confusing, here is a general look at the elements to expect from a good payroll solution.


  1. Support

Look for a provider who offers support, not just for technical issues but also administrative questions that may come up. Your point of contact should be knowledgeable in the administrative aspects of running a business. Questions on how to have the software file your returns, the way e file 1099 software does, will be knowledgeably responded to. Some businesses have unique tax needs and such a person will be invaluable.

  1. Advanced Functionality

Technology is dynamic and trends keep changing in the payroll software field as well. Old applications had to be installed and stored locally, in a PC at the office.  With cloud-computing, however, most platforms are hosted in a more secure location. In addition, with mobile integration, your company managers can now approve then process the payroll without being in the office. Employees are also able to view information as long as they are online and this reduces the routine questions that most HR staff spend time answering.  All this comes in intuitive and responsive interfaces that make it simpler for you to access, report and analyze data. A single dashboard that is easy to use translates to convenience and efficiency. That is what everyone wants for their business.

  1. Full Integration

Whereas it is good to optimize the small systems in each department, never take your eyes off the big picture. Your overall business goals are more likely to be attained if you integrate your business processes. Go for software that easily integrates with the other software packages you are already using. There are recruiting processes, accounting programs and ordering systems already in place. If you want to reduce the time you spend on low-priority administrative duties but want to maintain detailed accuracy, have your payroll software integrated with other business processes.

  1. Streamlined Processes

You may have never taken the time to evaluate software’s workflow. But you should start doing so from now onwards. A software’s ease of use determines how fast your employees will adopt it and embrace it. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is there functionality which allows for self-service?
  • How long does it take to approve and process a payroll?
  • Is the process easy to understand/ use?
  • What options are there for automation of the payroll process?

These are important questions to think through before you pick a package. The e-file 1099 software, for instance, electronically files forms with the tax authorities. The user then does not have to submit forms in hard copy.


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