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In addition to being famous for its beautiful mountainous sceneries and vibrant sports culture, Canada is known for having world-renowned institutions of higher learning. Numerous students from various countries prefer to study in top-tier Canadian universities and colleges in order to enjoy benefits such as employment opportunities and a path to permanent residence.


Here, we take a keen look at why you should consider pursuing higher education in Canada.

Highly Reputable Universities and Colleges

Every year, top Canadian universities take in more than 200,000 students from across the world. Out of all the nations in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Canada is among the top with regard to educational spending per capita. Post-secondary education research is given top priority.

In 2015, the ARWU Shanghai world top 100 universities ranking included four institutions from Canada: McMaster University, McGill University, University of British Columbia, and the University of Toronto. Furthermore, in 2016, the QS top 50 universities ranking included four Canadian universities: the University of Waterloo, Queens’ University, University of Alberta, and Universitè de Montréal.

Interestingly, with such high standards of education, the tuition costs in Canadian universities and colleges are not as high as they are in comparable countries, such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

Vibrant Culture

An effervescent cultural life is among Canada’s attractions, with government policy strongly supporting cultural diversity. Numerous ethnic groups from all across the world are represented, each adding unique perspectives to the country’s cultural mix.

Major cities in Canada include Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, all of which are known to be culturally diverse, easily accessible and safe. They feature numerous shopping centers, restaurants, museums, and beaches.

Ranked Among the Best Countries to Immigrate To

Canada is known to be among the best countries to immigrate into. In addition to being known for being friendly to immigrants, it has for eight years been ranked among the top three countries to live in by the United Nations. The government is keen on ensuring that protection is afforded to immigrants and foreign nationals. Crime rates are relatively low. To know more about immigration consultant click here.

Opportunities for employment

As an international student in Canada, you can easily get a job. Universities in the country have thousands of global collaboration agreements that link international students to jobs. Coupled with the prioritization of applied research that is industry-specific, it is small wonder that more than nine out of ten university graduates get a job within six months of graduation.

Canadian Government’s Commitment to Education

The International Education Strategy in Canada has long expressed its interest in increasing the number of international students. What’s more, using various strategies to attract international students to different education sectors is among the top priorities of the Canadian Council of Ministers of Education.

The strategies are not limited to simply recruiting you as an international student; they are also aimed at retaining you after graduation by giving you a chance to work as you study, as well as starting you on the path toward gaining permanent resident status and eventual citizenship.


Earl M. Dinwiddie has worked as an educator for eight years. He is also a staff member at an International Student Program. His experience has enabled him to provide advice for many who wish to immigrate to Canada from US.

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