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Getting To Know Your Neighbors


After moving into a new home, it is important to take the time to get to know neighbors in the community. Without doing this, homeowners can become outcasts and miss out on some of the fun that might occur in the neighborhood. Neighbors can make for great connections and can lead to lasting friendships that can endure for a lifetime. However, it is important to understand the right approaches to going about this in order to make friends with neighbors. This can make home ownership much more enjoyable since homeowners will feel welcome in a community that shares their tastes and desires. Below is a list of ways that individuals can get to know their neighbors after moving in to a new home.

1. Go Door-to-Door

One sure way to make friends with new neighbors is to make a visit to each home one at a time. When doing this, homeowners should bring their entire family along so that the neighbors can meet everyone that is living in their home. Especially in tight-knit neighborhoods, neighbors are often quite curious about new neighbors that are moving in. By doing this, it will satisfy their curiosity and make neighbors very interested in starting a friendship. During this initial meeting, homeowners will have a great opportunity to make new friends that could potentially last for a lifetime.

When doing this, it is important to keep in mind that first impressions are everything. Homeowners should dress well, but not dress formally for the occasion. Further, young children should be told to be on their best behavior during this initial visit.

2. Accept Opportunities to be Invited In

When visiting each home, some of the friendlier neighbors will most likely ask if the family would like to come in. Although this can take a couple hours, it has the opportunity to develop a good relationship they could truly last a lifetime. New homeowners should seize this opportunity to develop new relationships in the neighborhood and learn more about other people in it. Further, this can be a great way to learn insights about the previous homeowner or potential problems with the newly purchased property.

3. Invite Neighbors Over

After getting to know a neighbor, homeowners should consider inviting their new friends over for a personal visit. When first moving in, there are plenty of excuses to encourage a family to come over. One good excuse is that there are potential problems with the home and it would be nice if the neighbor could potentially recognize the issue. If the neighbor seems very friendly, it may even be a good idea to invite them over to help with moving heavy equipment or other small tasks. In this process, relationships can be developed with neighbors which can help with integration into a new community.

4. Have a Housewarming Party

After getting to know each neighbor, homeowners should notify their neighbors that they are having housewarming party. If a neighbor gave out a phone number, it should be used to contact them about the housewarming party. However, if they didn’t, homeowners can still send them a letter in the mail. This represents yet another opportunity to develop relationships in the neighborhood.

5. Make Follow-Up Plans

In order to ensure that expending great efforts to meet neighbors is worth it, it is important to make follow-up plans for the future. This will ensure that the relationship continues even after the initial euphoria of moving in has ended. Since nobody wants to be an outcast in the community, it is important to have at least a couple close neighbors to talk to in order to feel accepted in the neighborhood.

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