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Family law is a set of legal rules governing family, i.e., personal and productive property relations from them, arising between people from marriage, blood relationship, adoption of children into the family.

Family relationships are the main resultant factor in this branch of law. They occur in the presence of such legal facts as:

• Marriage
• Termination of marriage
• Relationship between spouses
• Relationship between parents and children
• Family relationship
• Alimony
• Deprivation of parental rights
• Adoption and adoption of children
• Guardianship

Now do you want to know what is family law? Then read below:

Family Law:
In our state, the priority in family law is the preservation and strengthening of the family with the formation of respectful family relations. The principles of our family law are monogamy, marriage by mutual consent, equality in family relations, raising children properly, taking care of their health, development, education and welfare, taking care of parents.

Family law

According to many leading lawyers, family law can rightfully be considered a separate area of law. But at the same time, the connection between civil law and family law is obvious, which is reflected in the articles of the civil code of the state. The question of the independence of family law, always causes controversy between different leading lawyers.

Family law resolves issues related to property and non-property related relationships. Relationships arising within the family (family relationships) are special, different from other types of relationships.

Family Law Is Isolated By The Following Factors:

• Specific composition of participants in the relationship (parents, spouses, children, relatives)
• Legal validity of family law (marriage, kinship, children, adoption, guardianship)
• According to the law, family relations are equal, although some norms of family law are written taking into account one position on the imperative principle (the incapacity of one of the parties)
• Property issues are directly dependent on marital relations and are resolved only among interested parties.

In the family law there is no statute of limitations, which is due to the long-term nature of the development of family relations. In some cases, when the term of the relationship is one and three years, there are exceptions and are considered by the court.

Family law regulates a special type of social relations – relations between people in connection with marriage, family formation, birth and upbringing of children. The combination of these relations is the subject of family law, which is an independent branch of Russian law.

These include:

• The conclusion and termination of marriage;
• The rights and duties of spouses;
• Rights and duties of parents and children;
• Alimony obligations of family members;
• The application of Russian family law to family relations with the participation of foreign citizens and stateless persons;
• Forms of parenting children left without parental care;
• Marriage recognition fictitious;
• Deprivation of parental rights, etc.

Subject of Family Law:
First of all, it must be said that the subject of any branch of law is often understood as the totality of relations that govern the norms of a particular area of law. Based on this, we can formulate the concept of the subject of family law.

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