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Guide: How to Choose Your Dream Apartment

Moving to a new place is not only exciting but also a headache. You want everything according to your taste. Getting used to a new environment is not as easy as most people think. Choosing a living place is such a big decision to get stuck in a bad situation if things do not go as planned. We can’t shift often. Shifting takes a lot of time and money. Anyhow, there are a few crucial things one must consider before buying/renting a new apartment. Moreover, you can check the best residential projects in Chennai; they will positively help you find your dream apartment.

Location : First most comes the location. You should look for an apartment near your job/office, school, etc., or only a few miles away. It needs to be close to public transportation or within walking distance. Don’t forget to consider traffic during busy hours, like in the morning/ evening. If it’s over-populated, then a 10 mins drive may take 1 hour. The location should be safe. A better way is to track it yourself with google map by turning on GPS. Don’t opt for places far from the city. Select it according to your temperament, like noisy/ calm. Besides, the best residential projects in chennai are the best option to consider, as they will positively assist you in finding an excellent location.


Layout of apartment: Check the layout of the apartment as everyone has their preferences. Some may like big bedrooms with separate dining, living rooms, and others may prefer reading areas and office places. It’s necessary to check whether the layout goes well with your lifestyle or not. If you are socialist and like to host parties and invite guests, then surely choose an apartment with a big entertainment area. Sometimes landlords can make small variations and design it according to your taste. Moreover, you can check the new residential projects in Chennai south; you will undoubtedly find your dream house with them.

All damages and maintenance: On your first visit, take a notepad and write down each detail of things that need reparation. Do a quick scan of the whole place and make a list of all damaged items. Check the paint on the walls and stove. Are they ok or need a redo? Mainly have a look at the washroom, are tabs working correctly? Is the drainage system ok? Now inspect the lights, washer/ dryer. Collect all details of the apartment and send it to the landlord. Some are so kind that they may give you some maintenance money or they do it for you. Taking a close friend/ sibling with you will be helpful. They may suggest it to you.

Facilities: It’s time to check amenities, focus on what are your priorities? Gym, religious place, nearby market, parking spot, or any additional storage place. Ask about services like TV cable, internet, water, electricity, etc. Take complete information; sometimes, they take monthly security charges. Get the details of all costs, so your expenditure doesn’t cross the budget limit.

Compare the rate: Compare this amount with neighboring apartment expenditure areas, whether your dream location charges you more than market value. Make a comparative analysis of all facilities you are getting. Consider different angles before making a final decision. Narrow down all your choices.

Affordability according to your budget: Collect all information, and now try to figure out if it is affordable for you. So you get an idea that you are not wasting your hard-earned money. Good things come with an expensive tag. Are you comfortable shifting to this new place? Does the environment match your mood? Check your savings. Can you afford that spot if you lose your job? You will get a rough estimate renting in the future may not be nerve-wracking. If you have a low budget, you can add a roommate or paying guest.

Shifting from one place to other: After doing all the homework? You have to move quickly; otherwise, someone else may grasp this ideal location. Property dealers/ landlords will not wait for you. They can give it to anyone who fulfills the criteria.

Signing contract: After reviewing everything, it’s time to sign documents. Read all terms and conditions wisely. Check all details regarding the apartment clearly stated, and there is no hidden fee included. Clear all questions and make sure you understand it. Sign in now and get all preparation done in one week.

Final thoughts: A home is a place where you feel comfortable, safe, happy, and satisfied. We can say a home is not a place; it’s a feeling you live according to your style. We will spend a lot of our time there so choose it smartly. We need too many perspectives to consider. It’s not like buying a dress or paying bills at a restaurant. Consider each detail, then make the final decision. Once you get all things done, you will be happy to get your dream apartment.


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