How to Address Custom Writing Services and Don’t Get Caught

You don’t have to explain why you have chosen to address a writing service for assistance with your paper. There are plenty of reasons to buy essays online, and lack of time is only one of the most common ones. Students often suffer from anxiety, sleep disorders, and other problems related to the inability to cope with a writing load and college or university pressure in general. We are not here to judge your choices, we are here to help you not get caught if you address a professional custom writing service like SmartWritingService with years of experience in academic writing for students all over the world.

When looking for a writing service do it in a safe mode and later delete cookies. There are many options for a safe search, and it will be great if you use one of them when you decide to look for a writing company. You don’t want advertisements for “cheap papers in three days” find you in redirect ads, etc. More of it, you don’t want your data saved. When you choose a trustworthy service you will have to share some information anyway, but other than try to leave as little traces as possible.


When you decide on a writing service try to share as little information as possible. If you find some requested information about you, your order, university, college, etc. excessive and unnecessary address a support team and insist on not sharing it. It doesn’t mean that they try to scam you, it only means they have their own procedures, but you can try to change them to your benefit. Don’t be careless when filling in the inquiry or order form.

Check on Confidentiality Guarantee. First, it should be there. If you see it neither on a Guarantees page nor in the Terms and Conditions section, it is an excellent time to think about choosing another service. A Confidentiality guarantee should state that the data you provide this service with will never be disclosed to the third parties even upon the direct request.

Share all the information about the order you have. Don’t hurry when placing your order, even if the deadline is scarily close. You need to give all the details about the assignment, only this way you minimize the chances to get caught. Don’t be lazy, scan the pages of textbooks used in class or even your notes. All this will help to customize your paper.

State the year of your education correctly. When you order an essay online, they mostly ask you to state your year of education. Some students try to trick the system and state “lower” year to save money, and others think that if they choose a Master’s level being in high-school, they will definitely receive the best paper ever. Both strategies lead to problems, so state your year of education correctly. If you are in your Freshman year, and your paper is written based on the Ph.D. standards, you will definitely get caught.

Read the paper you receive carefully. It sounds like obvious advice, but you would be shocked to know how many students send bought essays to their professors without even looking through the text. There can be surprises you don’t expect.

Don’t submit a perfect paper if you have never done it before. There are very bright students who order papers rarely, only because they don’t have time to complete a particular essay. In this case, if they submit a flawless paper, they won’t get caught because a professor won’t see anything suspicious. However, if you’ve never received an A for your paper, and suddenly you submit a masterpiece, it will truly make your professor alarmed. On the other hand, writers can’t provide you with a paper with mistakes in it, as every essay is monitored, edited, and writers are ranked according to their performance. Add some minor mistakes based on your previous papers. It sounds a little silly but it really closes the deal.

Use only proven and reliable payment methods. Sometimes companies organize collaborations with new payment systems, something like “you pay through this system” and get 5% discount. Try to avoid such offers and use payment options which protect your data no matter what — bank payments and PayPal.


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