How To Eliminate The Risk Associated With Wearing Colored Contact Lenses


When you start searching for colored contact lenses you’ll come across two major categories. The first category is of purely colored lenses and are intended for people who want to make it appear that their eyes are of a different color. The second category of lenses are what is commonly referred to as novelty lenses. These lenses will make your eyes appear different i.e. that of a vampire, glowing eyes or cat’s eyes etc. The second and also the newer category of lenses are dangerous depending on the type you purchase and from where you purchase. While you should always speak to an eye doctor before you stick anything in your eyes, we have assembled a few different tips and pointers that you should keep in mind for these lenses

The known risk of decorative lenses

Decorative or nobility lenses are dangerous and risky. That said damage is only possible if they are not used correctly. Some of the most common risks include:

  • Decreased or blurry vision
  • Scratch or a cut on the eye’s top layer, medically referred to as “Corneal Abrasion”
  • Allergic reactions such as red eyes, watery eyes and itching
  • Infection
  • Blindness

You also need to be aware of possible indications of eye infection such as:

  • Pain in the eyes which refuses to subside
  • Blurry or reduced vision
  • Redness or soreness

If you’ve been wearing your lenses for a while and have observed these signs then it’s time to visit a doctor. Eye infections are serious and may end up causing blindness if they are not treated in time. Eye infections and other problems can be reduced if not eliminated when wearing colored contact lenses if you get lenses which are prescribed by a certified doctor, then follow his instruction on cleaning, wearing and disinfecting the lenses.


What you should and shouldn’t do?

Get your eyes examined – Before you order a pair of colored contact lenses you need to get your eyes examined by a certified eye doctor or optician as they are called. The doctor will examine your eyes to determine which size and type contacts will fit your cornea precisely because an incorrect fit can be damaging.

Order based on your prescription – If you’ve visited a doctor to precisely get a pair of colored contact lenses he or she should give you a written prescription. The prescription will include the brand name, measurements of the contacts and their expiration date.

Do not share your colored contact lenses – unlike what you may have heard contact lenses regardless of colored or not colored shouldn’t be worn by multiple people. It is like your toothbrush.

Decorative or novelty contact lenses

Decorative contact lenses should always be purchased from a reputed doctor, online store or mail order company. Make sure that the company you buy your novelty lenses from are approved and licensed to sell lenses. If the company refuses to take a look at your prescription or does not require a prescription to sell you a pair of novelty lenses then there is a good chance that they cannot be trusted. The important thing to remember is that buying contact lenses without a prescription either novelty or otherwise can be dangerous. You should never buy fancy contact lenses from street vendors, flea markets, beauty supply stores, Halloween stores or a novelty store. All these places are not qualified to sell contact lenses and buying from here will almost result in problems.

Educate yourself about the types of contacts available

There are various types of novelty and colored contact lenses that can be purchased. It all depends on how you want to use them and your budget. Do a bit of research in addition to speaking to your doctor about which lenses will be the safest to use. Lenses Online recommends that people get their lenses custom made based on the size of their cornea. Soft contact lenses are perfect for general uses but for extended use or for someone who has dry eyes a doctor should recommend the right treatment and lenses. That said when wearing colored contact lenses it is always important that they not be worn for over eight hours at a time and they should be removed prior to going to bed as a safety measure.

Mark is a certified optician with over a decade of experience treating patients with bad vision. He specializes in vision correction using lasers and contact lenses. However, he does acknowledge that colored contact lenses are a big part of enhancing a person’s beauty which is why the right approach needs to be taken when buying and wearing them.

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