Why Polycarbonate Lenses Are Used in Safety Eyewear?

Think about the advantage of safety eyewear. Either you are handling any kind of chemicals or operating heavy machinery; your eyes must be safe and out of danger. And yes, 60% of job-related injuries happen because of them don’t believe in safety glasses. That issue gets particularly important if and when you require prescription eyewear. Now it’s appealing to wear your regular eyewear for clear vision but safety should on priority. Make sure additional consideration is important but the material and design of eyeglasses must hold according to the environment. That’s why polycarbonate is in the top of the list in quality material.

Polycarbonate Lenses

The Basics of Polycarbonate Glasses:
As a matter of material, polycarbonate is designed for safety equipment like RX Safety Glasses. It is a thermoplastic that is created by heating and cooling procedures. Due to this method, this material is important and uniquely important for safety applications. It is impact resistant with blocking 99.9% of harmful rays. Its making process means this stuff is not responsive to heat. Even if you work in extreme temperature, it will not affect its impact and successively keep your eyes safe.

Advantage of Polycarbonate Material for Keeping Eyes Safe:
Most ANSI safety glasses are not made by glass because it can shatter easily. Standard plastic is a better alternative but not strong for blocking debris. Furthermore, polycarbonate lenses are ten times stronger than usual plastic or glass. For this reason, the eyewear is made of heavy and thick glass that makes this glass material uncomfortable. By comparing simple plastic and glass, polycarbonate material is 10 times more impact resistant. Right frames and coating, you require bulletproof glass that is essential.

An additional benefit of this material is for your eyes safety. For example, the polycarbonate glasses are much thinner than other sources that provide excellent protection. With this, you will be more comfortable and can see more clearly. You can keep your eyes away from serious danger with outstanding vision.

Polycarbonate is an excellent choice for people requiring corrective lenses. This is due to its lean composition, which allows it to pack up more prescription index than plastic or glass without getting heavy on your face. Hence, not only you are getting an accurate vision but with the added safety assurance that will keep your eyes safe from any safety hazards.

Polycarbonate is an excellent choice when it comes to protecting against UV A & B types of rays. This is quite common indoors at workplaces when you are exposed to high levels of heat. In case of outdoors, exposure to glare caused by sunlight can induce long term eye ailments such as cataracts or macular degeneration. Polycarbonate is used in most safety & sunglasses with the intention to completely prevent UV rays from entering your eyes.

On the whole, Polycarbonate is the perfect choice when it comes to protecting your eyes with the industry standard safety assurance with shatter proof durability.

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