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Life is full of overwhelming choices and making that choice can be extremely difficult. Making the wrong decision can be detrimental and have a profound impact. Especially when it comes to legal aid, you want to know if the legal aid you have chosen will benefit you. Finding the right person could be crucial to winning a case. Unfortunately, we cannot tell from face value whether someone is good enough and in hindsight, we regret making the wrong choice. There is some guidance that can help you make the right choice when it comes to finding a solicitor, there is no exact step-by-step guide to finding one, but these tips can make all the difference.

When trying to look for a reputable firm, it is always best to follow advice from family and friends who have had legal support in the past. This is better than relying on professional opinions that tend to be revenue driven and following the advice of someone you trust is always beneficial.

Solicitor Tool and Location
Once you have been recommended a solicitor, reserach them. Find them on the Law Society Website to find out more information about what they do. This is important in finding out if the area of law you want help in, is it an area they practice in? If you are unable to get a recommendation, use a Solicitor Tool to locate a solicitor near you. The location is also important, it will help save on the travel costs. If you need to get to their office on more than one occasion, it makes sense to find one nearer to you.

Fees and Cheap Quotes
Money is a consideration for some people and while we like to think that cheap prices will save us money, in some cases it can reflect the level of service. You will want to know that you are getting your money’s worth and that whoever you hire will give you their full attention. Quotes tend to reflect a solicitors level of service.
Find out if a solicitor is prepared to work for you on a fixed fee basis. Ask when they would like the fee to be paid and if it can be paid in stages. Ensure that the solicitor will notify you if the fee estimate has been reached and how much it will cost if it is likely to go over the agreed cost.

Gauge the Service
When meeting with the solicitor, be prepared with questions that will help you measure the level of experience and the knowledge of the firm. Ask about their services, what relevant experience do they have, how long have they practised for? All this will help you in the selection process.

In conclusion, research is an important aspect of looking for a solicitor. You need to know that they can provide you with professional, reliable, and exceptional service. Using the advice above can help you in finding the right legal aid. For more advice and information, click here.

By Harry Price – Harry Price is a self-proclaimed technology guru and free-lance writer.

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