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How To Install Outdoor Sails


One of the biggest advantages of outdoor sails is that they add a modern and stylish touch any outdoor space regardless of size and shape. This is why they happen to be one of the first options when homeowners are considering buying a shade. However, how you install shade sails can make a great deal of difference, the right installation methods mean that it will last longer and look better.

The fabric

The vast majority of the outdoor shades available nowadays will block a certain percentage of UV rays. That said its best to choose a shade that provides the highest UV protection. When buying a shade make sure to check if the fabric is backed with warranties regarding UV degradation. Plus purchase a fabric that will keep you cooler, ideally a darker color works best during the summer.

Before you buy a shade take a close look at the construction of various shades available and find one that suits your space. The packaging will mention the overall amount of shade you can expect it to provide. Plus added features like reinforced webbings around the edges as well as high quality steel D Rings around the corner is what you should lean towards since they help you prolong the product’s life.

Safety features

Prior to buying a shade sail it is important to first decide where it is going to be positioned. It is important to ensure that all the fixing points are sound to begin with. If it’s going to be fixed on metal or perhaps timber facia then fasters and trusses are recommended. In addition, you may also erect your own posts if needed. However, the important step here prior to commencing installation is to consult with your local council regarding present building regulations which may apply to your location. Then once in place the fixtures need to be inspected on a regular basis and you will want to take the sail down when there are strong winds.


The shape and size of the shade

The overall distance and position of sound fixing points will end up determining the shape and size of the sail that you buy. It is important to measure the area which the outdoor sail needs to cover from the first fixing point to the next. The shade sail will have to be much smaller than the area. Then on every corner of the sail there needs to be a space in between the fixing points and sail tip of around 10% of the length. This will allow for room to add material stretch, hardware and for tensioning the sail.

Generally speaking shade sails happen to look a lot better when their overall elevations vary from one corner to the next. The resulting slope on the shades also helps to keep water off it. When in the process of determining the position of the shade sail keep in mind the fact that the sun is moving from east to west which is why the shade underneath will also move, which means that the shade is not always directly under.

Installation of the outdoor sail

Step no. 1:

The sail has to be laid out in a relaxed state which leaves around a 10% distance from the length to tension it. For instance, if the sail measures 4m x 4m square then every corner needs to have around a 35cm gap if not more, of the relaxed sail and the fixing points.

Step no. 2:

The fixing points need to be structurally sound and so Facia supports may be needed. Also timber points can be used measuring 125 – 130 mm in diameter. Ideally, though for more durability you may want to use galvanized steel posts which are 4mm thick.

Step no. 3:

Dig your footings and measure the center of the footing as your approximate location point of your sail. The footings can be lined with gravel if needed, then place a post in the hole and seal with concrete. You will also need fixing accessories. You will need a minimum of two with tensioning devices.

Step no. 4:

The outdoor sail now needs to be connected to the mounting points with all the fixing accessories fixing in the direction of the center sail and then secured properly. According to leading sail sellers like 1800 ShadeMaster Pty Ltd this needs to be doubled checked prior to tensioning the sail.

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