How to Really Tackle Your Goals

As a personal trainer, I see most people finding it too difficult to combat two goals at one time. This being a case of trying to lose weight at the same time as developing lean muscle. Many hours can be spent on achieving goals with the individual feeling time is wasted and giving up completely.

The main reason is because extreme levels of weight lifting and cardio can’t work together if lean tissue is developing from a beginner stage. Most cross fit athletes have spent years of developing all round fitness, in order to be able to diversify an hour workout that promotes high levels of functional strength an burning an enormous amount of calories.

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If looking to build you body and tone out all muscular definition, you must start with lower levels of cardio and higher levels of weight training. There will be enough cardio involved in the movements of pushing your largest extremities such as your legs, back and chest, especially with body weight exercises.

Cardio can be added to your workout but shouldn’t exceed more than 25% of your workout in the earlier stages of your program. If you run too much while muscle fibres are broken down and repairing, your body will not recover properly, and the work you have put in for that lean body will start to prolong!

Too much cardiovascular activity at a steady state level will burn muscle cells as well as fat cells.

Why Hire a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer will not just educate you on corrective form, exercise prescription and what you should be eating, but will also hold you accountable in the early stages of developing the habit of fitness. Realistically speaking, we should be exercising 3-5 per week with a well balanced program of staying strong, functional and mobile with a healthy heart. Personal Training is a good investment as you learn what to do, and upon achieving progress, you can know start to self motivate and educate your own fitness programs.

The problem of knowing where to start is now history. A personal trainer is also key for injury prevention. Been shown tips on how to squat and how to use barbells is important from a professional, and if you become injured, you know to a certain degree the right thing to do unless a clinician gets involved.

Personal Trainer

Diet is also key. It is a myth that starving yourself burns weight. The right food consumed actually works internally to burn fat when in the mode of exercising. Starving yourself will only disrupt your metabolic system and actually cause complications. If anything, you may experience weight gain.

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and this is true, as we have just been sleeping for hours and the body should go unfed no longer. Natural foods that are long lasting energy are best.

Healthy carbs such as oatmeal and fruits will help put on ‘’good weight’’ and not the bad weight you fear. It is important to eat small portions 2-3 hours of the day while working out frequently and no late night meals. Again our metabolism slows down rapidly as the sun goes down.

Also remember to have protein post exercise for muscle recovery!

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