How To Volunteer With a Busy Schedule

It feels good helping one another in times of need – be it helping to the stranger in the street, or helping someone with tough biology homework. Volunteerism is not only meant to advance the world but also add some color to life. However, some busy and productive people fail to volunteer because of hindrances in fitting into other appointments. Well, don’t worry. You can fit lots of good deeds into any minimal time acquired. Here are several ways to manage volunteerism as well as tackling your busy schedule:

Virtual Mentorship: Being a mentor may sound a time-consuming task. Right? But then, here comes a simple task that can help you volunteer your time while in a busy schedule. Your time is well volunteered, especially if you opt into being a virtual mentor. In virtual mentorship, you can be able to mentor teens and kids just in less than half an hour a week. It is similar to a work schedule maker that can help an employer to keep track of his/her employees. In these, you will help them set standards and targets, develop study skills, deal with day-to-day encounters, and even prepare for a bright future ahead.

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Sending Cards to Sick Kids: It only takes ink and paper to plant a long-lasting smile on the face of a sick and helpless child. Some organizations such as Hugs and Hopes issue volunteers with clear biographies of sick kids. The biographies are issued along with email and postal addresses as well. A good number of kids may be suffering from terminal sicknesses. Reading through enlightening and uplifting stuff may be encouraging to them. Therefore, as a way of volunteering in your busy schedule, you can opt to write and send special cards to sick kids in hospital beds.

Encouraging Foster Kids in Learning Institutions: Life at college and other learning institutions can, at times, be tough and hard, especially to the foster kid. Orphaned students are out in learning institutions and yearn for that little encouragement. They might be undergoing tough moments that can be relieved by anyone. Many programs have been started to help the less fortunate, and being part of the programs shouldn’t be a big deal. You can spare a bit of your time just to encourage and restore light to a broken-hearted orphan.

Maximizing on the Use of Charity Shopping Portals: A lot of stuff can be easily bought online. It is, therefore, much better if you can choose to enroll in various charity shopping portals. These websites will aid in the donation of some bit of your purchases to aid in the well-being of the needy and less fortunate. A percentage of the purchases you will have made will be donated to a charity organization of your own choice. Check out your favorite sites like iGive and Greater Good.

Amber Alert Ticker in Websites: As a volunteer who is struggling with a busy schedule, you might be the owner of a website or even a blog. Volunteering should not stress you out at all. You can easily do it by incorporating an Amber Alert ticker to your blog or website. The Amber Alert ticker will help in finding missing children. In a case where a child cannot be located, then frequent visitors to your website will likely see the child’s details.


Send Supply to Rural Families: Many rural families strive and struggle to put food on the table. Parents are striving to meet all the daily necessities for their families. Project Box is a perfect example of sites you can fully utilize in sending supplies to these needy families. You will get in touch with these families through monthly letters and understand their challenges. Curb poverty in a limited time.

Quitting volunteering for “a busy schedule” should not be an option. You can explore several ways that will help you serve the needy as well as concentrating on your busy schedule. Let the busy schedule be a perfect time to maximize on volunteering.

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