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There are an increasing number of kids that need help with math problems; some even need help with understanding math concepts. But incorrect math tutoring often scares kids away from the subject. Some children feel intimidated each time they are presented with a series of figures and it’s all because they have not been taught math in a fun way. Research has shown that even the most complex math when taught in a fun and easy to understand manner can be easily understood. But that is easier said than done because many parents despite having an understanding of what they are teaching fail to convey these ideas successfully to their kids, in the same way the schools seem to be failing. Below we look at a few math tutoring tips which should help a great deal.

Start with understanding the problem

The first step to successful math tutoring is to have a thorough understanding of what you want to teach before you sit next to your kid with paper and pencil. Take your time to understand the problem and concept. Then think about how the concept can be broken down into smaller and easy to understand parts which you can then teach your kid. You should write down a few points and solve a few of the problems in the text book so that you are sure of exactly what you are talking about. This will instill some confidence in your kid that you understand exactly what he or she needs to learn.

Start by explaining the concept

Your first step should be to explain the concept by referring to the points you made. It is only once the child thoroughly understands the concept and the practical use of these math problems that they will be motivated to try and solve the problems in their textbook.

Choose problems at random

Pickup three or four problems at random and then solve each explaining every step. This is a very important math tutoring step which should be taken slow. It is only once that the child sees the problem being solved before his very eyes that he will realize that it’s not impossible. Plus, it will help them memorize each step in light of the concept you explained earlier.


Ask your child to solve a math problem

Now it’s time to ask your child to solve the math problem in front of you, and by explaining each step along the way. This way you can correct them right there and then if they make a mistake. Many times students are not able to arrive at the right solution because they make a mistake when solving a problem. But when you are present for the first two or three problems they will not make a mistake and because of that will be more confident when you walk away and ask them to solve a few problems when you’re away.

They should be reminded that they are intelligent

Solving math problems or having a difficulty with these problems can make some students feel dull or insipid. A very important step during math tutoring is to explain to them that everyone makes mistakes when they are learning and its perfectly OK. Making a few mistakes does not mean that they suck at math it’s just that they need more confidence and practice. Make sure to constantly remind them of this.

Take the training wheels off

Don’t help a student when they are solving problems but rather if they ask what the step is next just give them a general overview not an exact step. A more general suggestion will motivate the student to think and then incorporate what you have told them into their problem solving process.

Error correction and repetition

They key to getting good at math is to constantly work at solving problems. This means every time a student solves a problem, take a look correct their mistakes and then ask them to move on to the next. This will allow for them to progress through each problem and eventually not make any mistakes. However says that math tutoring is also about optimistic reinforcement which means if they (students) get a problem 100% correct don’t hesitate to congratulate them.

Mark has been a professional tutor for over a decade. He specializes in math tutoring but does offer tutoring for a host of other subjects at high school level. In his opinion the key to turning out a student who is finding math difficult is to strengthen their basics and then work from there so that they have a thorough understanding of what they are learning.

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