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Top 10 Inventions in Computer Technology You Can Come Up With

We are fortunate enough to live in the twenty-first century – the century defined by massive computer inventions that have changed the way we do things. Communication, socialization, business and many other aspects of our lives are now done in a way that is faster, easier and more convenient. However, there is still a great need for more inventions. If you are a computer student, expert or technology enthusiast, it is high time to raise the question – what to invent in Computer Technology more? The following is a list of top 10 inventions in computer technology you can come up with:


1.Digital Currencies: Digital currencies are gaining traction across the world. It is possible to conduct large scale non-cash transactions securely with digital currencies. This would be a perfect niche for anyone with ambitions to leave a mark within the technology universe owing to the potential of digital currencies taking over as the main means of trading in the days to come. Some of the already existing digital currencies include Dash, Ripple, Ethereum and Bitcoin, yet there is stills room for more. That is not all for digital currency as it goes hand in hand with cybersecurity. As the digital security space expands, there is a dire need for safer and convenient cybersecurity options. You could come up with a cyber-security solution that is stronger and immune to attacks in the digital currency world.

2. AI and Cyber Security: As the world shifts towards digital currencies, online trading and more internet-based activities, there is a stronger need for impermeable cyber-security systems. Folks are rapidly falling victims to vicious hackers and other exploiters. It seems like the old-fashioned methods of cyber security such as automation are no longer working. This has called for advanced techniques that rely on artificial intelligence. AI plays a big role in boosting automated scripts and analyzing data. Nevertheless, AI is not totally out of the danger zone as it is prone to cyber-attacks. You can develop AI techniques that are stronger and less susceptible to adversarial traffic.

3. Blockchain: Blockchain technology has taken the world by storm. Not only has it gained a foothold as a digital currency, but its application also extends as far as the fields of healthcare, administration, and supply chain. This is due to the ability of blockchain to eliminate central computers. Likewise, blockchain has proven to be a lot more secure with regard to data storage as it conceals locations. The area still has potential in terms of advancement. You can choose to create an improved or more convenient version.

4. Robotics: The full potential of robotics has not been attained although it has been in existence for a while now. It is an area that combines artificial learning and deep learning to create robots with capabilities to perform sophisticated tasks. Adoption of technology in improving the quality of life has not been achieved accordingly. Nonetheless, this has not held back the demand for smarter, quicker and more efficient robots. The most sought after products in robotics are industrial robots, consumer robots and military robots. Still, the adoption of technology is growing in the medical field. If you were to come up with more intelligent and multifunctional robots then your efforts would be really appreciated.

5. Event-Driven Applications: Event-driven applications are mostly utilized in businesses for digital solutions. Unlike normal programming, event programming creates a distinction between event-processing logic and ordinary coding. Event programming can be integrated into the product development stage as it tracks actions undertaken by product users. This is crucial in comprehending user experience which comes in handy when formulating better marketing strategies to heighten responsiveness. It is an area that can be explored as well.

6. Industrial IoT: Industrial Internet of Things or IoT is mainly drawn from Deep Learning. With IoT, appliances and other machines are fitted with sensors which collect real-time information on problems, efficiency and working conditions. This data is then fed into cloud systems for analysis and processing. Over the years, IoT has witnessed a remarkable growth as it has been incorporated more into edge computing. That is thanks to a rapid increase in the needs and requirements of the technology. Other than that, it still expected to get bigger thus demanding new players and better ideas.

7. Virtual Reality: Virtual reality has widely been adopted into gaming and other assisted reality gadgets. There are more applications of virtual reality in modern interfaces movement detection and 3D projections. Inventions and improvements in this area will be instrumental in enhancing policies in privacy and security. To top it off, virtual reality and assisted reality provide vital gaps for new inventions.

Virtual Reality

8. Assisted Transportation: Assisted transporting is all about automobiles with smarter features for improved safety and convenience. There is a growing need for fully automated vehicles – vehicles that will be capable of providing video recognition, parking assistance and identifying obstacles. Little has been done towards creating advanced vehicle assistance. This is an ideal spot for new inventions. Make sure in it after knowing 10 predictions from the top 11 global automakers.

9. Accelerators: Accelerators have emerged as cheaper and more energy-efficient modes of power scaling. They are utilized in boosting hardware performance. Although there are a couple of existing inventions in the realization of accelerators, the applicability and demand for better technologies are bulging. You could chip in and create a name for yourself with a more sophisticated accelerator.

10. Progressive Web Apps: If you yearn to have your presence felt in computer technology easy and fast, progressive web apps would be the way to go. Unlike native applications, web app combines features of mobile apps and those of the web. Likewise, their functionality is more web-oriented as they benefit hugely from the colossal web community, plugins, and extensive ecosystem. This makes them, fast, effective and easy to maintain.

There you have it! These are some of the most promising areas of computer technology that you can focus your efforts on. There is a sufficient room of improvement for the inventions that already exist and room for new ones too. Remember to conduct extensive research before swinging into action. While you are occupied with an idea of what technology to develop, take care of the other issues that can occur to you when studying computer technology at college or university – how to write a report or research paper. There is an experienced team of writers, at, that is ready to help with this issue and many other ones while you are dealing with the invention in computer technology. Make use of all benefits given to you today!

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